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Things to Bring to College

Hey Hey Hey Anteaters!!!! 1 more week until finals!!! Shoot, it’s really time to start catching up with all the studying. This week was filled with interviews for me! From ASUCI intern positions to Soulstice League, the pressure was on. Luckily, this whole year I have been brushing up on my interviewing skills so I wasn’t as nervous. As the year comes to a close, I want to thank UCI for my great freshman experience. I have met so many awesome people this year and school for the most part has really been good to me. I am grateful and blessed for this wonderful opportunity and having been admitted to UCI. For this last blog post I’m going to keep it simple and straight to the point as always. I will be compiling a list of important things that you will need during your first year in the dorms.

Small Refrigerator

If you have one of these back at home, it is very convenient to bring it here. I mean, they have ones that you can rent for the whole year but why pay for one when you can bring your own. I brought mine and I loved it cause throughout the year I was able to store my water purifier, yogurt, chocolate, snacks, etc. Some things need to be cold in order to enjoy. So definitely bring a fridge if you have one.

Water Heater/Coffee Machine

During the cold season it is nice to have hot water to make hot chocolate and tea. I brought my coffee machine when I came back for Winter Quarter and have been using it ever since. I use it to make green tea because I love that stuff. It is healthy and warms the soul.


My gosh, if you do not have one of these, you will suffer. I live on the third floor of the dorms and it is so hot up here. The fan helps to keep ventilate the heat out of the room and also takes away some of the bad odors. I have my fan pointing towards the window. The dorms at UCI have no air conditioning which is really a pain.

Cups/ Mugs/ Bottles

No need to explain.


You have the choice to walk to all your classes or bike to all of them. Biking will save you so much time because of UCI’s massive campus. Good luck!


Clothes will get wrinkled after washing and drying them. It’s nice to look fly and stay classy by ironing your clothes, especially those dress shirts and pants.

Vitamins/Calcium Gummies/ Dietary supplements

Sickness and illness will come eventually during the year…not unless you’re like me and you stack up on those dietary supplements. Taking my vitamin C daily has been very beneficial. Those nights when you don’t get sleep you better make sure you swallow those pills.


Sometimes your roommate will want the main room light to be shut off, so you’ll need to have your own personal lamp handy.


Okay you can view the time on cell phone but being able to simply check on your wrist requires even less effort. And trust me, it makes a difference. With all the different things you’ll be doing and the busy schedule of yours, time management is key. Having a watch is the first step to success.

Alright I’m going to end the list there because it may not end if I don’t stop. Hope you found this helpful. For all basic necessities, there are plenty of websites out there that have lists for you to follow. Thank you all for your time and I hope you’re excited to begin college because it’s only a summer away! It’s been a pleasure serving as one of you UCI’s very own Zot Bloggers! Tune in next week for my final video blog!

–          Dennis Han A.K.A Nis Han

Perk #24: Camino del Sol

Camino del Sol pool

It’s almost here, Anteaters! Woot woot! Rejoice and celebrate! Okay, not yet actually. Finals still aren’t over yet. For me, it hasn’t even begun. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not… Anyhow, it’s finally Week 10, a glorious and terrifying thing at the same time. It’s finally time to start packing everything up into those boxes that won’t fit everything we’ve accumulated throughout the year, and it’s finally time to crack down for  final exams and papers. I’m pretty scared, but I know that everything will be all right in the end.

This year, one of my hugest perks was living here at Camino del Sol. You’d think I’d talk about this at the beginning of the year, but no, I’m talking about it now at Week 10. I suppose one of the great things about living at Camino del Sol. Even though it’s the end of the year, I still can’t stop marveling over how NICE everything is here. For a college kid, this apartment truly is a luxury to live in.

For one, the Lodge is mighty impressive. I finally found the time to go swimming in the pool, and goodness gracious it was divine — it really made me feel like I was staying at a high-class hotel. They weren’t really kidding when they said that Camino feels nicer than being at home… The study rooms, which I’ve also taken advantage of this quarter, are also very cozy and well-equipped with comfortable chairs, nearly soundproof walls, and AC controls. Of course, CDS also comes equipped with a small gym and a game room, things I’ve barely gotten to use

For me personally though, even though I was without dorm-life,  having my own spacious room to make my own was one of my hugest perks. It was a chance for me start anew with fresh walls and cleared desks, and express myself the way I want to express myself without the burdens of past school years. Over the year, this bare room slowly began to gain personality. Posters, memorabilia, trinkets, books, and piles of papers and blue-books found their ways into my room and have stayed with me until the end.

But alas, as the school year comes to a close, I’ve begun to bust out my big plastic bins to start putting those unnecessaries into. It’s a little bit saddening, actually. Little by little, bits of myself and everything I’ve gained and learned are being taken down and put back into the boxes that delivered my life to this new place just about nine months ago. The posters I’ve collected through the vendor fairs are being taken down, little notes and photos are being put into a shoebox that I have, and other bits of memorabilia are being removed from my tabletops. This empty room that I used to detest being cooped up in had finally grown on me, and now I don’t want to leave.

Oh, well. At least I can say that I’ve had a wonderful and unforgettable year here at Camino del Sol, and I can’t wait to start building memories in my new room next year.

Good luck with finals, everyone! Make Peter the Anteater proud. 🙂

– Angela

Where Will You Go Next Year?

I personally am dreading my move out day.

I love the fact that summer is coming so vacation can start and stress can go away, but I REALLY don’t want to have to move out of my dorm.

It’s so conveniently placed on campus, and I like my spot (it’s right next to the bathroom so that means I only have to worry about one wall with neighbours). I’ve grown used to Quenya, and frankly, quite attached. I’m going to miss it next year.

VDC Norte

The housing areas that were provided for us to pick out from were Campus Village, Camino del Sol, Vista del Campo, Vista del Campo Norte, and Arroyo Vista.  Next year I’m living in VDC Norte with a friend that I met during SPOP. It’s so far out, but it does look quite classy and nice to live in. But I’m living with two other people besides Emma. :/

Living out there will be different from Hall Life as well, wouldn’t it? I don’t think there is an RA…? Sometimes I wonder if life out there will be an “on your own” kind of thing. You don’t have someone to organise group activities and the like. Oh my, I make it sound like I’m going to go live somewhere far far away and foreign.

Where are you being placed next year? Some people didn’t get the housing area that they wanted, did you? Why did you pick it, how many people will you be living with, and do you like it? : )

Or are you not living in one the places given above? There are many other places that students can rent out for the year, I know one of my friends is thinking about looking elsewhere.

I really do wonder how things will go for me next year. It seems like a hassle now since I have to take a bus to get to campus, and I can’t just walk back to my room whenever I feel like it. But maybe that’s a good thing and it will motivate me to do my work or something.

Hopefully, things will turn out okay. And for all of you who are freaking out about this, don’t worry. I’m sure living out there would be just as great as living on campus. And if you didn’t like your hallmates for this year, maybe things will be better since you’re in a new environment with new people. Who knows.

Need Help From Campus?

 Sticky Note Saying Advice

As college students we all begin to fear various things on our own whether it is money, personal problems, stress, or any other work related problems. That is why we need people there for us, because when someone is there to help you things can always get better. I have done blogs on the Undecided/Undeclared office, the health center, and various other resources on campus to help against college fears. College students need to use the abundance of resources available at UC Irvine, especially when concerns arise. There are places filled with people to help in your time of need such as at:

  • The Counseling Center- Where you can have therapy or simply professionals to vent to and help you deal with problems in your life.
  • The Career Center- To have guidance and reassurance finding and following your desired path in the professional world.
  • The Health Center-For when you need medical assistance.
  • The Health Education Center- To receive assistance to deal with stress, peer pressure, relationship dangers, and more.
  • The Major Affiliated Offices- For academic guidance by amazingly helpful trained students and staff.
  • Student Services Offices- With various offices for low income students, transfer students, and international students.

These are simply a few of the on campus locations excluding the people you can meet and receive help from through clubs, organizations, teacher’s assistants,  professors, and information personnel. All of these new people to guide you, be there for you when you need them will come throughout college, but if you open yourself to meeting new people you can have a support system right after starting. I recommend every freshman get involved in and meet new people even if their workload is heavy. Make friends as soon as possible because that if done with positive influences, one’s freshman year can become even greater socially, and academically. I have met many great people through my Rotaract Club, and my U/U Mentorship program, allowing me to grow overall as a person.  Many great opportunities, and  links to useful resources can be found on so take the time to go through the student information sections. Ask questions, look into things you are curious about here on campus, and do not leave yourself bewildered when you need help. Take the initiative and go out there on campus.

College Graduation Caps in the Air

-Your Zot Blogger Carlos

Mesa Court Spring Carnival

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the U/U Zotblog. Well, the last week of classes for this quarter and school year has finally arrived. I am just flabbergasted that my freshman year is coming to an end. Anyways, for this week’s blog, I will discuss the Mesa Court Spring Carnival which took place last Thursday.

Now, every housing community of UCI (Mesa Court, Middle Earth, Arroyo Vista, and Campus Village)  has its own carnival for its residents on its grounds. These carnivals provide nice opportunities for students to take a break from studying, and they are close by!

This year’s Mesa Court Spring Carnival had a Dr. Seuss theme, so the carnival games were named after familiar Dr. Seuss books and characters. Games included ring tossing onto poles, throwing darts to pop balloons, a dunk tack with certain RAs as participants/ victims, an inflatable obstacle course, and a blow up basketball arena. In addition, snow cones and cotton candy were also available, and people could even get painted tattoos and caricatures done. All of this was free; you just had to sign in at the welcome booth and get a hand stamp.

In addition, Mesa Commons provided a special BBQ dinner for the occasion. Dishes included hot dogs, burgers, baked beans, and corn on the cob. The dessert menu was especially great with churros, ice cream bars, cookies, and fresh watermelon slices on a stick coated with chili and a squirt of lemon. The best part was that you could go back as many times as you wanted with a special stamp on your hand when you go to swipe in or pay for the meal.

I really enjoyed the carnival especially the yummy food; I’m just a sucker for cotton candy. If you attended the Mesa Court Spring Carnival or any of the spring carnivals from other housing communities, what did you like about it?

Well, have a fantastic, final week of classes everyone, and good luck studying for finals!

Zot zot zot!

Sabaa Hoda