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We’re back!

Hello everyone!

We’re back! Fall quarter flew by, and now we’re starting our second quarter of college. I can’t believe how fast time flies, it’s crazy. I hope everybody had a great holiday season!

Anyways, fall quarter was somewhat difficult, but it was not that bad. I did well and I hope that winter quarter will be as successful as fall quarter was for me. However, it’s a little harder this quarter, mainly because I’m taking more classes and also the material I’m learning is more difficult. From fall quarter, I learned that going to your professor or your TA’s office hours is extremely helpful. My resolution for the winter quarter is to go to as many office hours/peer tutoring sessions as I can because going to office hours last quarter not only allowed me to get to meet other students and get to know my TA better, but to also have one-on-one attention, so that I could ask questions. At a UC, this is not really provided in a lecture hall with 300+ students. Whenever I am debating whether or not I want to go to office hours, I always remind myself that I’m bound to learn something when I go.

This quarter, I expect it be similar to fall quarter. Hopefully this quarter I can do better, but so far it seems like it will be a little harder than fall quarter. Many students still feel like they are on winter break, including me, and this makes it hard to do anything. For me, this quarter is/will be extremely busy because I have a harder workload, and I am also applying to different programs such as SPOP (Student Parent Orientation Program) and Campus Reps. Both programs are very competitive, but it’s worth a try…because remember:


However, I know this quarter will be as fun as fall quarter! Midterms are here already and it’s time for us to ace all of ’em.

See ya’ll later!


Homecoming Rally :)

Hey Anteaters,
Homecoming is something that we believe only lies within the halls of high school: the rallies, the excitement of the big game, the crowning of the king and queen. Guess what?! There is homecoming in college! Looks like you won’t be leaving everything behind in high school.
I went to a street fair before the big game (the big game was a basketball game as we don’t have a football team, but we do have this awesome science library instead haha). The street fair was so fun. I went with my roommate. Everyone had so much school spirit! This one guy dyed his hair blue and put glitter in it, little girls were dressed in mini UCI cheerleading uniforms; it was so amusing. There were dance performances, singing, and even street performers; it felt like I was at the Santa Monica Pier. We even got a free caricature; and it is so cute! We also got a coupon for Starbucks for 10 percent off every time we go! I didn’t even know Starbucks had coupons! Yes, even though everything at the university is super expensive they still give free things every now and then, and who doesn’t love free things? 🙂 Therefore, go to every event, and see what free things they have to offer you! 😉 I even broke my “diet” at the rally/ street fair with a huge bag of kettle corn for only 3 dollars! This was better than any rally I ever had in high school. It was a new experience. You, ‘eaters should definitively be looking forward to the adventures you are going to have here. And you know the rumor that the Irvine’s campus is dead over the weekend? Well, it really isn’t, this rally was on Saturday, it is all up to you to get out from under your covers in your bed and make it exciting.
cartton 2(My roommate and me: our caricature)
Irvine has a ton of events, for you to participate in so you don’t get overwhelmed with your studies. Homecoming is just one of many. I hope to see you guys at the next Homecoming event though, I will for sure be there. 🙂
Well that’s it for now..
Talk you next week 🙂
Or as we Anteaters say ZOT ZOT ZOT,
Sabina G.

2013, A New Year

Hey Anteaters,
It is a new year, so I want to be a new person. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, that’s the same thing you said every year and it never showed itself to be true. That long list of New Year’s resolutions just compiles with the old ones. Well, here’s the thing in college those resolutions can make all the difference, so don’t let yourself down when it comes to college resolutions. Make the change, make yourself smile because you did something for yourself, and essentially make a better you.
I don’t know if I told you this already Anteaters, but it has always been my dream to go to the club. First quarter I had this newfound freedom and I didn’t even take advantage of it. 🙁 My curfew at home was 12 a.m., and that means I could go to the club for what, 2 hours? That’s not even enough time for me to get my groove on! So on my resolution list was to go out and have fun, take advantage! And there it was. I got a card from some guy on ring road (this circle that takes you around the entire campus) to go to Ten Nightclub on the 24th. I got all dressed up and went with my roommate and hall-mates. We had too much fun, and it took my mind off of school. 🙂
the club club


Last quarter, when it came to grades I actually didn’t do as bad as I had expressed. I got 2 A-‘s and an B. In high school these grades would’ve killed me, but this school is hard. These grades averaged to only be a 3.4. So my resolution is to at least do better than that this quarter, even a 3.5 would suffice. I even started reading for some of my classes ahead; it really helps to know what your professor is talking about in lecture.
I went home this break and tried putting some jeans on, they didn’t fit…. People, the freshman 15 is real!!!!!!!!!! I need to impede the full weight gain. So this quarter I actually went to the ARC(this huge gym)once, that’s an improvement from last year, because I didn’t even go at all. Little steps at a time is what I always say.. .little steps..
I love studying alone: that is probably the one thing I will keep the same as last quarter. This method really seemed to work. Therefore when fellow Anteaters ask me to study will them like last quarter I will do my best to avoid their calls, sorry guys but I have a talking addiction, and I will talk to anyone about anything! So sometimes it is best to be alone.
Winter Quarter of 2013 I am here, and I ready to conquer (especially that upper division class I am taking)! All I have to do is do my work, and not protest, and I will be fine. Do the same ‘eaters!
Well that’s it for now..
Talk you next week 🙂
Or as we Anteaters say ZOT ZOT ZOT,
Sabina G.

New Year, New Quarter- Welcome back!

AnteaterBWleftfacing [Converted]

Welcome back, fellow Anteaters! I hope you all enjoyed your winter break spending time with family and friends back home. It was nice to get away from homework, midterms, and finals for once. But other than that, fall quarter was a memorable experience that I will always cherish. It took a few weeks to get adjusted to a new environment and new friends, but I found my place at UCI in no time. I will never forget the times I pulled all-nighters with my hall mates just to talk and bond with them. Not to mention, I learned that college classes are not as bad as they seem, well except for biology- or so I’ve been told. It’s safe to say I did fairly well for my first quarter in college. I was 3 points away from a 3.5 GPA which would have placed me on the Dean’s Honor List (insert sad face here). But no worries, winter quarter is here and I’m ready to do some damage… I’m going to kill all my upcoming midterms! That is, I will study hard and strive for A’s in all my classes. Winter quarter already feels different than fall quarter. If I could describe winter quarter so far it would be BUSY. I no longer have Wednesdays and Fridays off like the previous quarter. But in a way, it’s good to stay busy.

New year, new quarter- this calls for some goals! For starters, I plan on staying fit by going to the ARC more often and substituting soda for water. I’m also looking forward to the philanthropy project we’re currently planning in Ondas, which I’ll be talking about later. Keep in mind that there will be stressful days, but you’ll manage to get through them. I wish you all the best this quarter! Don’t forget to breathe! Make good things happen, Anteaters!

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