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Senior Sweetheart Prom: A Night to Remember!

Hello Anteaters!
Week 7, DONE. I don’t know about you, but it was super hectic planning the philanthropy project and doing last minute arts and crafts for decoration purposes.



As you know, the Senior Sweetheart Prom was planned by Ondas residents as part of our philanthropy project with the help Richard Hsieh. The event took place on a lovely Saturday, February 23rd at Inn at the Park Senior Living Facility. Seeing my hallmates in fancy attire, nails done, hair done, suits and ties made this event much more exciting. The day started with setting up, decorating, and taking a few pictures in between. The night got started once the senior citizens walked in with their fancy attire. The first half of the night consisted of socializing with the elderly, talking to them and getting to know them, and offering them scrumptious cookies and water. Finally, we had two singers perform including a fellow resident from Ondas, Frank, as well as pianist perform, followed by a night of dancing! I talked to a few nice ladies sitting down, one to whom I spoke to in Spanish and I will never forget how sweet she was. Most of the senior citizens enjoyed the presence of us socializing with them, and others even got up to dance!



Seeing these happy senior citizens dancing and grooving to oldies was a memorable experience. There was a particular senior who stood out to us. His name is Bob, and he danced the whole night away with his cane! He was so energetic, and he was awarded “Best Dancer” of the night. Happy and excited, Bob went up to everyone, filled with happy tears, saying this was the best day of his life. Hearing this truly warmed my heart. This is what it is all about- making a difference in someone’s life. Most senior citizens feel lonely and forgotten, but I’m glad that this night surely made a difference with simply warm smiles and friendly conversations.




From the entertaining performances to taking pictures in our photo booth and to all the grooving and dancing, I can say that this is easily my most memorable experience at UCI and I will surely look back on this in the future with a smile. This marks the 12th year of FYEP Philanthropies and Kim Ayala from the U/U Office says this was the best one yet!  I know all of our hard work paid off, from fundraising to making invitations to all of the designing and decorating. Our philanthropy project was a lot more than planning and event and giving back to the community, but it was also about bonding with each other, helping others, and as Richard says, “it’s also about being well-rounded Anteaters who engage with the community around them”. I want to give special thanks to Richard Hsieh for helping Ondas plan this unforgettable Senior Sweetheart Prom! He truly went out of his way getting last minute stuff and holding meetings to make sure this event would be a night to remember- and it was. It really was. And I bet the senior citizens enjoyed it 🙂 Also, special thanks to Gisela, Alvin (our amazing RA in Ondas), ASUCI (for providing us transportation to the event), and Kim and Brittany from the U/U Office. Of course, I can’t forget to give thanks to all my lovely hallmates who helped plan this event!! Most of them stayed up late to make invitations and decorations! You guys all did a good job! 🙂


Well, this wraps up Week 7! Hope you all had a great weekend, and I hope if you’re an Anteater-to-be, please consider becoming an Ondas resident next year! You won’t regret it!


Unitl next time,


“Got a secret, Can you keep it?”

Hey Anteaters,
Have you ever not been able to express yourself as you trust you will be judged? Do you ever just want to let out all your secrets because it is too hard to bottle them up? You’re ready to explode, but you’re scared, you want to be heard, but you are silenced as you know you don’t want your name attached to what you are about to say.

“That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets.” Damien from Mean Girls

In high school, we all had secrets, if we told a soul; we knew the next day it would be rumored about. I myself can recall a time where I told my best friend a secret, and the next day everyone ridiculed me for a crush I had. Ever since that day it feels like my whole life has become a secret. I can only trust myself. Whenever I have wanted instruction on what to do I had to spend hours debating what to do. I really did want to tell someone, but I didn’t know if I could go through possibly being rumored about again.

In college, I was introduced to this page on Facebook. It just started at the end of 2012. It is called UCI Secrets, maybe you have heard of it? This page is entertaining, and entirely anonymous.
a pretty little liars
The page has no affiliation with the University. It is run by a student, multiple students, or maybe even a faculty member trying to make us all his/her experiment to be honest we do not know who runs it, but they assure that whoever messages them with a secret will remain unidentified. People post everything on this page: confessions about relationships, how much they despise their roommates, the troubles they are having at home. People comment back on the post, and they give them advice on what to do. What is great about it, is you can get feedback without saying who you are; you no longer have to worry about being stigmatized because of your secrets. Your secrets cannot control you anymore. I actually posted on UCI Secrets awhile back, and it felt good to rid myself of one. This page is not only entertaining for when I am bored of studying, but it reminds me that all these people get where I am coming from. They are just like me.
uci secrets

A little tip, take advantage of UCI secrets. Without this page I don’t think I would be able to survive freshman year. It will help relieve some of the stress you have. If you still are skeptical about revealing a secret just read them, maybe someone has the same worry as you, or maybe you can help someone.

I sincerely want to say thank you to whoever made this page. I wish I thought of it so I could know everyone’s secrets kind of hahah, but kudos to you. You are amazing.

So ‘eaters, can you guess which secret is mine?
Well that’s it for now..
Talk you next week 🙂
Or as we Anteaters say ZOT ZOT ZOT,
Sabina G.

Middle Earth, again?

Hey Anteaters!

How are you guys? I can’t believe it’s Week 8 already. Where did the time go? It seems like we just finished our very first quarter of college, just got off of winter break, and just started winter quarter. However, winter quarter is already half over and is almost coming to an end! And then we’ll be starting spring quarter, our last quarter of our freshman year. I can’t believe it!

Anyways, this week, I’ll be talking more in-depth about Middle Earth. I live in Grey Havens, a Phase 2 hall located in Middle Earth. Before the school year, a lot of students had a hard time choosing between Middle Earth and Mesa Court. After thinking about the pros and cons of both Middle Earth and Mesa Court, I eventually chose Middle Earth. Middle Earth is known to have better dining hall food, and is located closer to campus, so it takes less time to get to class, which has definitely been a plus. For example, when I am too tired in the morning and accidentally press the snooze button too many times, I can usually get to my classes within 5-10 minutes from my dorm. This is definitely one of the best things about Middle Earth, because like I said in an older post, I can also go back to my dorm when I have breaks in between classes, whether it is 30 minutes or an hour break.

Middle Earth Housing Staff is wonderful, and they are always super nice. Middle Earth’s Community Programmers are also a great group of people, because they are responsible for planning all our fun and exciting events, such as the Sadie Hawkin’s Dance, and Middle Earth’s Casino Night. Another thing that I love about Middle Earth is that we have friendly competitions between other halls. Some examples of these include: basketball, volleyball, and dodge ball. We play basketball during fall quarter, dodge ball during winter quarter, and volleyball during spring quarter. During fall quarter, my hall Grey Havens did really well in the basketball tournament, and got to the finals. Unfortunately, we lost to Woodhall by 1 point, and so we did not win the championship. However, we were all still really happy because we made it really far and we did well. It was a great experience cheering on our team every week at various games. However, this quarter, we did not do well in dodge ball. Basketball’s just our thing, I guess. Hopefully next quarter we can find a group of hallmates who want to play volleyball and we can have fun playing other halls! I hope all of you guys are having a great second half of winter quarter and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

This week I have two midterms, so I have to study a lot. After midterms, we all have finals, so good luck to everybody! Study hard, and your hard work will pay off.


“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller


Round 2 of Midterms followed by Pasta Night!

Well, hey there! Whaddup? How’s it going? I know what you’re thinking… I know what’s on your mind… MIDTERMS. Yes, round two of midterms are taking place. I know we just finished wrapping up Week 6, and Week 7 is approaching with even more stress that comes with midterms and the panic of late enrollment windows for many freshman. I’ve truly been lucky enough to have two midterms for only ONE class, which is my environmental studies class. I took my first midterm late January, and now that February is coming to an end, it’s time to get over with the second (and LAST) midterm for the quarter. And then we all know what comes next… FINALS. But that’s a whole different story. Midterms, on the other hand, are not too bad. Midterms are usually not cummulative like finals… so you only have to worry about studying certain concepts covered in previous lectures. Other than that, PLEASE DO NOT wait last minute to study for midterms. Cramming isn’t as effective in college as it was in high school. Don’t attempt to pull all-nighters either. It won’t help. Also, make sure to take study breaks. We have plenty of those in Ondas… starting with this awesome Pasta Night held last Tuesday night. Mackie and Gisela from the U/U office came over to Ondas to teach us how to make three different types of pastas- Veggie Tofu (which was my very favorite), Chicken Alfredo, and Spaghetti with meat sauce. It was definitely nice getting together to make pasta and socialize in my hall. Believe it or not, we’ve all grown tired of dorm food. We’re all really grateful to have had this Pasta Night and look forward to more special events to come, and let’s just say that the Senior Sweetheart Prom is just around the corner!


So, that wraps up Week 6! I wish you all the best of luck on your final midterms to come!

Until next time,



Making that change so you can survive midterms

Hey Anteaters,
Let me calculate and see how bad I can do on this test for me to still have an A in the class. There are all these homework assignments that will keep my overall percentage up so I’ll be fine if I get a C on the test. This is the mentality of all students in high school. Be honest, how many of you haven’t done this? I know I did this same thing just last year as a senior in high school. In college you need to have a whole new mind set. If you don’t transition your perception as you make that transition to the university, then trust me your GPA will not be as high it was in high in high school(regardless it will not be as high as there are no extra points for AP classes, or honors) .

In college, in a majority of classes the grade is based solely on two things: a midterm and a final, however if you’re fortunate the teacher will give you points for coming to class. Right now all of us at UCI are doing our midterms. I still have one left. Midterms are not necessarily in the middle of the term, they go from week 2 all the way to week 8(that is super late)!!!!! Just a reminder there is only 10 weeks in a quarter, so the tests come up quickly. For those of you who get anxiety over tests, do not be worried, if you keep up with all the readings that the professor assigns, then you will be good to go, and you will just need to review your notes. However, if you are a procrastinator, you should worry, and definitely change your ways, because believe me you cannot pack 8 weeks of reading in 3 nights (been there, done that, and let’s just say it did not turn out well 🙁 ). A little tip if you do not understand the information take advantage and go see a professor, or T.A. during office hours. They are not intimidating at all, they are there to help, and they do want to see you succeed. There are several different ways you can study at UCI, there are LARC programs (they cost 100 dollars for 10 weeks—but I heard they are worth it), free tutoring at the MAC (a location in the Mesa dorm community), you can even arrange your own study group. Or you can simply study solo( something that I prefer).

Midterms are honestly not that bad, just be prepared, and DO NOT DEPEND ON YOUR HIGH SCHOOL WAYS, JUST FOCUS ON GETTING THE BEST GRADE POSSIBLE. I promise if you do as I say you will be fine, don’t stress. And remember after you study and get that good grade on the midterm, you can go reward yourself whether that be with a little chocolate or going out with your friends.
See I have changed my methods and so can you, I believe in you!!

Well that’s it for now..
Talk you next week 🙂
Or as we Anteaters say ZOT ZOT ZOT,
Sabina G.

Stress and midterms…

Hey everybody!

How are you guys doing? Are midterms okay? This quarter is definitely much harder for me, and I’m starting to see the side effects of the pressure, stress, etc. I just had four midterms in the past three weeks, and I have three more before the quarter ends. And then we have finals! I think that midterms are both good and bad: good, because we, as students, are in a way “forced” to keep up with our work, to not slack off, and to stay on top of things. I believe they are also bad too because with the quarter system, students are constantly taking midterms, and it feels like we never get a break. Once midterms start, they never stop. Thankfully, my midterms were somewhat spread out and I did not have more than one on one day.

The stress we are experiencing this quarter is definitely heavier than what we felt the first quarter. Personally, to deal with stress, I have different types of solutions. One thing that I like to do is–I think everybody likes to do this–nap. Napping makes me so happy, and it is healthy for you too! Since I have 8 am classes, sometimes if I feel exceptionally tired during class, I’ll go back to my dorm and nap before my 11 am class. Or, if I feel tired during the afternoon, I’ll take a nap at 3 pm or something. Naps are the best! Another way for me to de-stress is to just hangout with friends. Recently, I’ve discovered that I love talking to friends, and getting to know them better. I love walking through Aldrich Park with a friend, and just being able to talk about what is going on in my life, etc. It’s great to de-stress this way.

In college, I find it a little hard to manage my time, because I want to study so that I can keep my grades up, but then I also want to find time to hangout with friends. It’s a necessity to learn time management, and I hope that all of you guys are great at it. And if you are not the best at time management now, change your ways so that that you guys do not slack off! College is definitely also a test of one’s self-discipline. In college, we are on our own, so our parents cannot tell us what to do, etc. What we do with our own time is in our own control.

Oh, Hawai’i…I wish I was here instead of studying for midterms…

I hope all of you guys had a great Week 6 and are ready to take on Week 7! Also, (like I always say) I can’t believe time is flying by so fast. It’s crazy!

Until next time,


Fundraising Wrap-up and An Insight to Dorm Life!

Greetings, fellow Anteaters! Week 6 is here… let the countdown begin for Finals Week followed by the wonderful, yet short SPRING BREAK. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves; we need to wrap up Week 5! Well, it’s safe to say that Week 5 was very productive and rewarding!


Chancellor Drake supporting Ondas!

As I mentioned last week, my hallmates and I have been fundraising for the Philanthropy Project in Ondas! (GO ONDAS!!!) On Thursday afternoon, I volunteered to help booth and sell boba along Ring Road, and let me tell you, it was an amazing experience like no other! Chanting “Boba! $2! Help support senior citizens!” along with my some of my hallmates is definitely part of the whole “college experience”. Believe me, it’s FUN. Not only did I learn how to reach out to strangers and compete with other booths trying to steal our customers (believe me, there’s tons of booths selling $2 Boba!), but I also got the opportunity to bond with my hallmates. Overall, fundraising has been a GREAT SUCCESS and I want to thank everyone who supported us! By the way, can you believe that even Chancellor Drake stopped by our booth and supported Ondas? It was such an honor, though I wasn’t there to witness it :/

Anyways, I hope midterms are over for most of you. It’s about that time for a study break, don’t you think? Yeah, studying never ends in college. In that case, study with your hallmates if you’re staying in a dorm, which by the way- I strongly recommend living in the dorms your first year of college. Dorm life is the way to go! I mean, what else could be better than living with students YOUR AGE, from different backgrounds, with different hobbies? It can’t get more interesting than that! Even if you’re a tad bit shy or reserved like me, you’ll learn to make new friends- and you’ll get really close to your suitemates. Trust me on that one. So if you’re an Anteater-to-be, I proudly suggest you come in as an Undecided/Undeclared student and think about living in Ondas (Mesa Court) with other U/U students like yourself! Ondas is one of the newer, bigger dorms with bigger bathrooms and an elevator; it’s not your typical cramped dorm with narrow hallways. Ondas is known as the First Year Experience Program (FYEP) Hall, accommodating approximately 85 residents (it doesn’t seem that many though!). However, I am sad that Ondas doesn’t have a balcony like Palo which happens to be right across from us! Other than that, I am pleased to be living in Ondas, in my single, spacious dorm. I have my own privacy, yet I get to socialize down the hall whenever I am not studying. FUN FACT: My single dorm was once a study room!

IMG_6480 IMG_6481 IMG_5832 IMG_5746

Well this wraps up Week 5! Get ready for the weeks to come, Anteaters! This quarter seems to be flying by if you ask me! Don’t forget to do what you do best, ZOT ON! Zot zot zot!


My suitmate, Brittany, and I in her room.

Until next time,

Middle Earth vs. Mesa Court!?

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing? This past week was so stressful, mainly because I just finished two midterms last week and I had one midterm for Women Studies on Tuesday, and because I’ve been working with my commission from ASUCI to plan an event this weekend. But other than that, just homework and studying has been taking up a lot of time. I’m almost done with the first round of midterms—I’ve gotten through three already, and I have one last one this upcoming Monday for Biology 94! This adds way more stress because this weekend I do not have a lot of time to study…

Anyways, this week I’ll be talking about hall life. I live in Middle Earth (Raul and I are the only two ZotBloggers who live in Middle Earth, but trust me…if you ask the other three ZotBloggers they’ll tell you that Middle Earth is better than Mesa Court ;)) in a hall called Grey Havens. I absolutely love it. My hallmates are the best, and my roommate and suitemates are great too! Our hall is a phase 2 hall, so we have three floors and we have about 80 residents. All 80 of us live with our Resident Advisor Alvin and our Community Programmer Isheeta. They’re the best and they make living in Grey Havens so much fun. I seriously love my hall so much. One perk about living in a hall is that you get the “freshman experience” that a lot of—for example, transfer students—do not have the chance to experience. It is definitely an important part of college. We eat in the dining halls, we live with everybody, and it’s just so fun. There’s always somebody who is doing something, and everybody is so nice and outgoing. I have to admit that this quarter, our hall is a little boring and has calmed down a bit, but that’s because it’s winter quarter. My Community Programmer Isheeta told us that most students have too much fun during fall quarter and then they realize that they get bad grades, which allows them to study harder during winter quarter, and so that’s why the hall is “dead.” However, I hope that we all do well this quarter and then by next quarter we’ll be back to normal!

A building in Middle Earth.

Another perk about living in a hall is that I live on campus. In ASUCI, I work with many upperclassmen, and I have come to realize how much of a hassle it is for them to come to events, meetings, etc. that are located on campus because they either do not have a car, or just because they live in the apartments (VDC, Puerta, AV, VDC Norte, etc.) This definitely makes it hard to come to campus just for a short meeting, or something like that, so it is easier for them to just stay on campus for the whole day, which can be tiring. As a freshman, I get to easily return to my dorm because it is just a 10-20 minute walk from almost anywhere on campus. I cannot even begin to explain how convenient this is. I love living on campus so much, and I’ll definitely miss it a lot next year.

I cannot believe that half our freshman year is over already. We only have about 5 months left, so we have to make the most out of every second. Have a good week, everybody and I’ll see you next time! And good luck on midterms to anybody who still has them!

See yaaaah,


The Suite Life..

Hey Anteaters,
It’s your birthday and you trust that you won’t have any fun as you have classes all day long and you’re not even home to celebrate with your family. It’s a first-world problem haha, but it is an actually worry that preoccupies all our minds, I mean we are young we want to celebrate that. We want to have fun and not just be abandoned in our dorm rooms left to be sad.
This is where your suite comes in ( a suite is a unit of your hall:people in the same vicinity as where your room is). These people are amazing and if I hadn’t met them I would be completely lost at UCI. In the end your suitemates or even your whole hall becomes your life at this school. My suitemates have become my best friends. I highly recommend dorming your first year, it is an experience that is definitely worth it.
It was my friend Sharen’s 18th birthday not too long ago, and our suite definitely gave her a night to remember. It was a Tuesday night and she had class, we all had class, but we took the night off to surprise her. We told her we were going to go to the UTC( a town center across the street from the dorms) to celebrate. We all got dressed up in our fancy schmancy clothes and walked partially there, and then we quickly blind-folded her with a scarf. We went on the bus to Fashion Island ( a really exclusive mall) and took her to the Cheesecake Factory, we took off the scarf and she was shocked!
The bus driver even participated in her making her night great; he played along with the blind-folding and guided her on her “private limo.” It was hilarious. After the Cheesecake Factory, we went into a taxi all 10 of us in one 5 seater taxi. I think that was the best part of the night. We all crammed together, and the taxi driver took pictures of all of us jam-packed in there.
We ran back to the dorms, went to our suite, and sang happy birthday on a cake before midnight struck declaring that her birthday was over.
She said she had the best 18th birthday she could have possibly imagined. We did that for her. A suite, a hall becomes your new family and that is exactly what you need when you no longer live at home. They will do anything to make you happy. For everyone in our suite, we now do something special for their birthday. We just had a surprise birthday party for another girl Angela.
My suite is amazing, I love them 🙂 …. Bring your love next year and share it with your hall… your new family… YOU WILL DO EVERYTHING TOGETHER,BELIEVE ME!
hall 2

Well that’s it for now..
Talk you next week 🙂
Or as we Anteaters say ZOT ZOT ZOT,
Sabina G.

Sadie Hawkins Dance 2013!

Hey Anteaters!!

Last night, I came back from a dance. You may be thinking, what!? College still has school dances? You bet it does! The dance was a Sadie Hawkins dance with a theme of dynamic duos. This theme was an opportunity for dates to come as partners that would go together, such as Mickey and Minnie mouse, Bonnie and Clyde, and Batman and Robin. It was held on February 1 from 9pm- midnight and was a combination of our two resident halls on campus: Mesa Court and Middle Earth. My hall and I went together but once I got to the dance, I met up with my partner! I was dressed as a Pokémon trainer while he was in a Pikachu outfit. It was crazy fun! Dancing was certainly a workout because my hall even learned choreography. Glow sticks were provided upon enter and on the side, water and cotton candy was being served. Everyone was brought back to old hip hop songs from middle and high school to current songs such as Gangnam Style by Psy. Not to mention the lights that the DJ had as well as the smoke machine! Even though the dance was an outside dance in one of the basketball courts, it was wonderful being able to dance under the stars and with all your friends. It was an amazing experience and was a great way to spend a Friday night as a stress reliever from midterms. And the decorations were beautiful as well! A balloon arch was created with the Valentine’s Day colors of red, pink, and white.
It was truly a fun experience and of course, a workout! Can’t wait for future social events on campus. Until my next blog, Zot! Zot! Zot!

Stay cool,
sadies 2013 2
Maryann Adraincem

Let the Fundraising Begin!

Well, hello there! Week 5 has made it’s way to campus, reminding us Anteaters that the quarter system is indeed fast-paced. But what’s been going on in Ondas lately? As I’ve mentioned, the U/U residents of Ondas have been planning the Philanthropy Project along with Richard, the lead coordinator. We’ve decided to hold a Senior Citizen Sweetheart Prom for the elderly residing in a nearby retirement home in a matter of weeks. Ondas will be hosting this event consisting of music (including live performances from residents!) and a night filled with dancing classical music such as oldies. Just like every prom, there will be a coronation of Senior Prom King and Senior Prom Queen. Talk about the excitement!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing fundraising opportunities and so far, we’re in luck! We will be selling food on Ring Road starting at 11 AM (until supplies last) from Monday-Thursday! Here are the following days you can come out and support us:

Monday, February 3rd – Hawaiian BBQ

Tuesday, February 4th – Lollicup BOBA

Wednesday, February 5th – Lollicup BOBA

Thursday, February 6th – Hawaiian BBQ

On Friday, February 7th, we will have our BLAZE PIZZA FUNDRAISER at University Town Center between 5pm-8pm. If you present a Blaze flier (a hard copy) that we will be handing out on Ring Road to the cashier, 20% of the proceeds from your meal will go towards our Philanthropy Project Fund.

579772_413158018768478_2027194638_nPlease help us spread the word! We truly appreciate your help, fellow Anteaters!

Hope you all have an amazing week 5. Study hard for those midterms and Zot on!

Until next time,


Homecoming Game

Haaay everybody!

Week 5 is about to start…and midterms are right now so I have to study—even though I’m extremely lazy. This weekend was fun, I had a lazy Saturday but it was still fun because I hung out with friends and then my friends and I went on a night run around Aldrich Park. Then, Super Bowl Sunday! My RA bought food and drinks for us and we had a party in the common room while watching the game. Because I’m from NorCal, I was rooting for the 49ers but…

Anyways, a few weeks ago, UCI had Homecoming Week, which was from January 7-12, 2013. With Homecoming Week came the Homecoming basketball game, which was January 12 against CSU Northridge. A few of my friends and I went to the game, and it was amazing. We won, and it was a very exciting game. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to the rally or any pre-game festivities, but Sabina went, so refer to her blog post about it to read more about the rally! Anyways, my friends and I got to see UCI’s Homecoming Court, which included: Jennifer Johnson, Jessica Enriquez, Marlin Agoub, Missy Alejandro, Olivia Phelps, Ryan Wallace, Sam Shaw, TJ St. Marie, Andrew Le, and Colin Hamill. In the end, UCI presented Andrew Le and Jennifer Johnson as Homecoming King & Queen! Other than Homecoming Court festivities, the game itself was very exciting. The spirit that UCI had was impressive, and it was a great win. One of the most exciting parts of the game was when our very own freshman Conor Clifford executed a slam-dunk during the game, which made the crowd go WILD. The entire game was an amazing experience and there’s no doubt that I will definitely be going to many other athletic events at the Bren Events Center this year.

I hope that midterms are going well for all of you guys and see you guys next time! Week 5, lesgo.

– Mimi

“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

Daman Starring making a pass.