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My Final Zot Blog Post!

Hey there! I still cannot believe that my freshman year of college is over! It’s true when they say that time flies when you’re having fun. I surely had fun this year! Fall quarter, everything was all new to me and half of the time, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I got through it. If you’re an incoming freshman, don’t worry! Let’s just say, your journey begins with orientation (SPOP!) and you’re gonna have FUN! You’ll become acquainted with the campus and you’ll figure out what classes to take. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. Trust me, you’ll have new responsibilities in college. Yeah, you have plenty of freedom, but let’s be real, you have to manage your time wisely and get stuff done. The best advice I can give to all incoming freshmen is to choose DORM LIFE. You will meet new people your age, establish lifelong friendships (I know I have), and come on, there’s always something going on in the dorms (activities, movie night, game night, etc.). Dorm life is truly the way to go, and you won’t regret it because you will have the ideal college experience.


I believe this is my last post as your Zot Blogger! I wish I could continue writing. I’m surely gonna miss this! It’s safe to say that this has been an amazing year and now that summer is here, I guess we can all relax now. I know a lot of people are taking summer classes, but I decided to just work this summer and hang out with friends back home. Whatever your plans are for this summer, I advise you to be productive and enjoy it while it lasts! Soon enough, school will start again, and well, you know the drill.

Well, I guess this is goodbye! I encourage all incoming U/U freshmen to apply to be next year’s Zot Blogger! This is YOUR chance to write about your college experience at UCI, Anteaters! I’m sure you’ll have a lot to write about! Until then, I’ll be waiting to read about the new, exciting experiences! Good luck to you all! Keep calm and ZOT ON!



Finals Week!

Well, well. What do we have here, Anteaters? Finals week! Yes!

You know it’s Finals Week when…

-you eat all your snacks that were supposed to last the whole week

-you cram and make a promise to yourself to never procrastinate ever again

-you forget what sleep is

-you find yourself depending on caffeine and energy drinks

-you calculate what grade you need for the final in order to pass the class

-you don’t care what you wear or what you look like anymore

-you hate social networks and try deactivating them for some time

-the library becomes your second home

-quiet hours are enforced in the dorms


Note: This may or may NOT apply to you. We’re college students, but we all have different study habits. Funny part is, we can relate to some of them, right? Finals week = dead week. But after that, we have 3 months of summertime! YAY! Make sure you’re productive this summer!


So…I’m still not ready to say goodbye as your Zot Blogger. Expect one, last final blog from me after I’m done with finals. I’ll make sure it won’t be too long! Good luck on Finals, everyone!!!


Until next time,


The Last Blog.


Hey Anteaters,

I guess this is it, the last Zotblog. I am really going to miss doing this, and I hope that next year as freshmen you all try out for this position. This position really helped me to reflect on my first year in college. I have it all recorded to read over the years; how many freshman can say they have a repertoire of all their thoughts from freshman year? I say push yourself, and do it.

First off as freshmen you ‘eaters should definitely consider taking the University Studies Freshmen Experience class, this class introduced to this position, and also acquainted me with the entire school. This class definitely introduces you to all your prospective clubs. I am so happy I took that class. And it is an extra 2 units!

It is almost summer and you guys have three months of summer break before your first year, have fun, it is a long one and prepare yourself because you are about to be rocked by the ‘Eaters.

This summer buy all your stuff your dorm. Your XL twin set, your folders, paper, pens everything you need for a successful school year, and everything you need to feel comfortable in your new home at Irvine. Keep this in mind: BUY IT BEFORE THE SCHOOL YEAR SINCE WE START IN LATE SEPTEMBER, IT WILL ALL BE ON SALE.

Remember you are an Anteater now, so represent. Wear your UCI gear throughout the summer and show off your pride.

I will see all of you hopefully next year, and maybe I will even be reading your Zotblog.

Oh and next year keep an eye out for Swag Man, you will hear a lot more about him when you come to campus. It is said if you see him before your midterm/final you will do great!


Watch Swag Man!

Good luck!

So for the last time,


Or as we anteaters say,

Zot zot zot,

Keep in touch,

Sabina Goldstein

Zotblogger 2012-2013


Ya, we are almost done…

Hey Anteaters,

It’s so hard to say goodbye to what we had. So here it goes, blogging for undeclared undecided is almost over and so is the school year. Summer is coming and I am going. I am definitely going to miss doing this. I always wanted to be part of some welcoming committee for the freshman class as they would be scared when they first arrived to this school, and you know what, blogging for entering students has kind of been like being a part of a committee and changing the lives of freshman. I honestly wish I had read some of these blogs before coming to Irvine my freshman year; I would not have brought all this unnecessary junk with me, and I would have been more prepared. Now that I have gone and read these blogs, I think yeah I could have done that. I sincerely hope that you took advantage of these blogs. I hope that you understand that college is fun, but it is also accompanied with a lot of hard work. My fellow anteaters, the class of 2017, I cannot wait to meet you! ’Eaters, this campus is huge! It took me thirty minutes to get to my first class on the first day of classes. RA’s and SPOP leaders will tell you you can get to any class within ten minutes, they obviously do not account for the time it takes getting lost, and asking people for help that do not know where your class is. If you ever need help Fall quarter, summer, basically anytime, email me at and I will give you my number and help you. Don’t be shy! To close this blog I would like to introduce you to a video I watched practically every day in the summer to get me more acquainted with UCI. I did not get any of the jokes at first so do not feel completely lost. Once you get here, watch this video again and you will say “oh, hahahah.” Well that’s what I did! Enjoy watching it!

Talk to you next week


Or as we anteaters say zot zot zot ,

Sabina Goldstein


Wake up, go to class, WEEK 10 is here!

Oh, snap! WEEK 10 is about to make its dayview appearance and most students at UCI are ready to tackle on the last few classes left for this quarter. Finals Week still manages to scare me a little- the pressure to study hard, and if I’m not using my time wisely, it can seriously sidetrack me. I mean I know what to expect, but it’s dreadful. One more week of classes, but even then, the studying never ends. I have a research paper due this Thursday for FIP, my environmental studies class, that covers Writing 39C. I’m glad I started on that early. I’m practically done writing and all I need to do is revise it. Not to mention, in 2 weeks, I’ll be MOVING OUT. It’s gonna pain me to pack away my stuff into boxes and take down the posters on my wall and those cut-out magazines in my suite. The dorms will slowly start to look empty. Dorm life will soon come to an end…


As you know, last week I was home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to be in the dorms, bonding with my hallmates, but I miss my parrot and the homemade cooked meals. I’ll have that and much more in 2 weeks. For now, I have Finals to worry about and embracing each moment that takes place in the dorms. On the bright side, I think our hall is gonna have our hall banquet this upcoming week. I’m crossing my fingers that we do. Other than that, I attended 2 training sessions for the U/U mentorship last week and it was fun! There will be approximately 40 new mentors for next year, myself included. I’m looking forward to that next year 🙂

Also, the Reggae Fest will be this upcoming Friday in Aldrich Park! I encourage everyone to attend and take a study break, enjoy the music, and all. I hope Week 10 goes smoothly for everyone! Don’t forget to have fun along the way! 🙂 This year is coming to an end! Make it memorable.


Until next time,