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Here’s to the End

Hello everyone!

How’s everyone doing so far, how has summer been treating ya’ll. Finally some taste of freedom after a long school year and finals, right?

I hope many of you have amazing plans for the summer, and get to check off things off your bucket list. So far I have not done much exciting things, but I like to think how it has only been a week and there is still so much time ahead and that I do have many things planned for this summer. At the moment I just started summer classes online to help me get a bit more ahead for next year so I can focus on my major. I think I now know what I want to do, and that is Criminology Law and Society. Although I am still not 100% sure about this, I hope that once I take the C7 intro class I will be able to choose if this is the route I want to take or not. I have recently been thinking of going into Law, but who knows there is still time to think about that. This summer I will also be taking a public health class, and if I do seem to enjoy it I am thinking of minoring in it because I do think that both Crim and Public Health correlate with each other.

The very last picture I took at UCI with my RA Peying! :D<3

The very last picture I took at UCI with my RA Peying during move out day! :D<3

In my second year I hope to make a lot of new changes in my life. I hope to become a more organized student. This will change my performance in school and overall as a person. If I better time manage myself I will be able to have more time for school and studying which will result in better grades, and more sleep, it’s a win win! I also hope to become a more healthy student which ties back to better time management since I will have more time to eat healthier than to choose the faster fast food unhealthy route, and I will also be able to make time for getting and staying fit.

One big goal that I have for my sophomore year is getting more involved! I hope to participate again in the communication club and also join a lot more other clubs and organizations where i’ll be able to meet new people, grow as a person, have fun, and build a future out of! I do have some clubs in mind, but I’ll probably also be checking out new clubs during welcome week with the new upcoming freshmen 😉

Overall I had a very successful first year here at UCI where I met many wonderful people, learned a lot of new things, and got to grow a lot as a person! I hope to make my second year an even better year, with all the people that I have met thus far and all the new people that I have yet still to meet. I hope to not just make my second year incredible, but all my next few years here at UCI. Stay cool anteaters, best wishes to everyone, and have an amazing summer.



The Finale

Dear Zot Bloggers,

I’m so thankful that this blog enabled me to share my first year at UCI with you It’s been a life changing year as an Anteater, and I hope you come to see how amazing God is. He’s more than just an empty religious ritual – He’s GOD. And He wants a personal relationship with you. He loves you to the point of death, literally.  And if you don’t know what I mean, look back to my past blogs, look back to the cross (Romans 5:8). I pray that through my experience and year as a first year Anteater at UC Irvine rocks your world to see God for who He truly is – faithful, loving, almighty, a friend.
Please take some time to enjoy this video I made; it has very special parts to it that are dear to my heart:

With a Final Love,

Aby Ambriz

To the end, UCI.

Hi, lovelies.

It’s amazing how quickly this first year have come to an end, haven’t it? I am honestly in awe with how everything have come to an end so suddenly because I am still grasping the goodness in goodbyes, but there’s always a “see you later.” It’s cliché, but it’s true to its truest form. It’s always going to be a “see you later,” rather than a goodbye. I am grateful and super happy that I was given the opportunity to run this blog with my experiences, and knowledge.

With that being said, I created a slideshow that you can access to through this link:

I do warn you that it is a bit long for a slideshow, and you do have to download it through the Google drive, but it is so worthwhile for me and would mean a lot to me if any of you look through it since they’re memories I can never replace. I’ve started from the beginning to the end of my freshman year with all the good memories, and nostalgic that comes with it. UCI, have been really extraordinary to me. So, to all the incoming Anteaters, I hope UCI treat you very well because it has been amazing to me.

Also, special shoutout to all the people who have been with me on this wonderful journey as my first year at UCI. I want to say thank you to all these people who made it with me on this journey because I know without them in it, all of this wouldn’t be possible right now. Thank you to my parents for the undying support and love. Thanks to the friendship who been constant with me since they’ve met me since day one. Thanks Palo, especially my RA (Peying Lee). Thanks Kababayan for creating my second family that I’ve grown to adore, and giving me a mentor. Thanks for also giving me my internship as shadowing over two other people on board for that have given me plenty of experience. Thanks, UCI for giving me a lot of opportunity and still allowing me to no matter where I go. Until the end, UCI. Until the end, thank you for everything and more, especially the people in it.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

Love Always,
Lily Trang

Here Comes the End

Hello everyone!

How is everyone doing! Wow week 10 already, and finals week next week! Woohoo!

As of myself, I’ll be getting picked up by my parents right after finals, and then we will be taking a trip to Disneyland before we go back home to the bay. I am a bit excited especially since it will be my first time at Disneyland! Sayyyy whaaaat I know what you must think since it seems like everyone must have a season pass. I know I know. But I am excited! 18 and my first time there lol.


But first I need to get through with finals, let’s see how this go. On another note, remember how I had mentioned the hall banquet a few weeks back? Well ours was this past Friday, here in our very own hall Palo! The theme was PJ themed which is pretty cool since literally everyone just had to come down their rooms in their PJs to enjoy a chill night. There was a lot of hall bonding games, and our RA’s (Peying Lee) birthday was also on that day! So you can images how big the celebration really was! She even got a cake, piñata with her face on it and a pair of crocs with the signatures of all the residents (may I mention that she LOVEEEESS crocs). Many were really excited for this get together because it would be one of the last times that probably most of the residents will be together in our hall.

With all this being said, I hope everyone finishes the quarter strong! We’re almost there! Woooo! Stay cool anteaters!



Camping with Palo

Hello, lovelies!

Can you believe it’s already Week 10 of Spring Quarter?! I’m in awe that we’ve come this far. I hope everyone had a great weekend because I know I did!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset This weekend was amazing because I got to go camping for the first time with my hall mates! If you forgot, I’m from Palo! It was really fun because we stayed overnight at Table Mountain Campground in San Bernardino. We got to go around the wildness of it and explored the area together. We watched the stars at night, talked about a lot of memories, and just kept each other warm around the campfire. While we talked about memories like talking about our favorite memories in Palo, what we learned from each other and what made us grow, where we’ll end up, and everything that kept us together. We talked about life too, and basically everything in between. We set up tents together (a lot of us were first timers too, hehe), cooked together, cleaned together, and just did everything together. We had hamburgers for dinner, and a lot of snacks. For breakfast, we had bagels and toasts with strawberry jams. Oh! We also played hide-n-seek in the dark with a buddy system, and that was super fun, yet scary. It was one of the highlights of the camping trip because it kept us together and a lot of us just had fun. That’s the point of going on a camping trip, right? To bond, and enjoy everything and the company you have. It was nice. It was really nice to have a bonding trip towards the end of our quarter!

Just so the incoming freshmen know, you will meet a lot of amazing people if you allow yourself to. So, don’t be afraid to meet people especially if you live in a dorm, or even if you commute, you can join clubs and become involved on campus. People can take you to places, adventures, and impact you in ways you’ve never imagined. I definitely know meeting my hall mates have definitely made my first year amazing. Without them, I wouldn’t know where I’d be right now. So I’m grateful for them.

“Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.” – Ralph Marston

With that being said, I wish everyone luck with studying especially since finals are just around the corner! Keep moving forward, and know you’re almost done with this first year! Hehe. Have a good week, everyone!

Love Always,
Lily Trang

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Trusting My Own Mentor, My Lord

“Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust Him, and He will help you.” – Psalm 37:5

It’s crazy how God works. This verse was given to me no t too long ago, and it’s exactly what I needed to hear. It’s exactly the answer to what I’m going through personally in my own life, and it’s exactly how I view something special I’m going to share with you. Its how I handle (and I’m still learning how to handle) everything I do in this life. I’ll explain more later, but I’ll begin talking about that something special, and that is UMMP!

UUMP stands for the Undecided/Undeclared Mentorship Program, and it’s something all you incoming U/U Freshmen should look into. This program is meant to welcome and guide new Baby Anteaters to UCI by connecting them with another experienced UCI student – a Mentor! Each Mentor in this program is here to help you transition, give you tips for school, and just basically become your friend. I know this, because it’s my own heart’s desire as I became a Mentor for next year! This is exactly what I want, to welcome and be here for you as you make this new transition to UCI, because I know my move here would not be the same without the people that made this feel like home. So sign up; who knows, maybe I’ll become your new Mentor!

In everything I do whether it be school, commitments (Ex: UUMP), how I am as a daughter of God, even the most simplest things and details of everyday life, I don’t want to do a single thing without committing it to God. To give an example, I’ll use this current blog I’m typing. If you read my last blog, “Beginning to Reflect the Past,” you’ll learn how I write these blogs. I write through the Holy Spirit, and my purpose is to share my experience as an Anteater and point back to how good God is. Before I type a single word, I pray and ask God to use me and guide me in what to say. And sometimes it’s not easy! But, I need to trust He will come through and help me. And that’s exactly what He’s been doing all year.


Aby Ambriz