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Finals: They’re Over

Hello fellow Anteaters!

Finals are finally over, I hope they went well for you all. I feel uncertain about mine though. I did get a good head start on studying, so I wasn’t necessarily cramming or anything, but next time, I definitely will get more time to prepare. When it came down to my psychology final, I felt that a lot of the material that was on the test was material I didn’t focus most on my attention on. I believe that part of the reason for that is that I haven’t been as focused during lecture as I was in the beginning. With Hagedorn (my professor), his tests are primarily focused on his lectures, as I learned, and if I would have been more on it, I would have been able to pick up on key topics that I could have focused on for the final.


Room 2 at the Community Center: Mesa Court

The cool thing that came from final-time, however, (although this might turn out to be kind of embarrassing) is that in Mesa Court we have a community center, but on the first floor of that community center is classroom rooms. And, here’s the embarrassing part, I recently realized that students can reserve a room up for two-hours at a time! I had always thought that those rooms were strictly for Mesa Court board members or for club meetings. The rooms are equipped with tables, chairs, and a whiteboard (they provide markers for you). As soon as I realized, I was booking like crazy. As if it weren’t convenient enough, it’s also right next door to me, another perk of living in Ondas;)

To end my final blog of the quarter I figured I should share one of my goals for the new quarter: I want to dedicate myself to more study time. As I mentioned in my previous blog, the pledging process was very time-consuming and I feel as if I didn’t dedicate all of my focus or potential on my classes. That is another reason why I decided not to join another club this upcoming quarter; I want to get used to being an active member of Sigma Delta Sigma and forcing more study time into my schedule.

All the best,


“Undecided, Undeclared, Undefeated”

As my first quarter of college slowly ends, I have so many different emotions and things on my mind. Having to juggle 21 units, manage clubs, and still make time for a social life has been pretty interesting. Since finals week is coming up all I can think about is studying and more studying. One thing that is completely different than high school is the workload. In high school its easy to procrastinate and still pass your classes, but in college that is almost impossible. I would encourage you, as incoming freshman, to start learning new study habits now. By doing so, you will put yourself into a better prepared position when entering college.

Irvine in specific provides great sources and helpful ways to get through finals week. They extend restaurant hours, provide free scantrons around campus, and create great spaces for studying.

This week was an extremely busy week! I had to get together my future living situation and pick my classes for next week. As a first year that lives on campus, we are fortunate enough to receive guaranteed housing in the “on campus” apartments down the street. You have the choice of Campus Village (CV), Vista Del Campo (VDC), Vista Del Campo Norte (VDC Norte), and Camino Del Sol. Depending on your preferences and how much you are willing to spend willdetermine where you will live. Enrollment for next quarter was also in the list of things  to do. Enrollment in classes can be very stressful, but as long as you take your time beforehand to plan out a schedule, you should be fine.

Week 10 in Ondas has also been a very great week. We made it to the final round in volleyball and got the chance to play against the top team in the Bren Events Center. Bahia proved themselves to be a challenge, but like I mentioned before, Ondas is the best hall. With that said, we beat Bahia. This win meant that we were officially the volleyball champs in Mesa Court! We challenged ourselves to work as hard as we possibly could, and the end result was an undefeated team. (As our RA Juan said, “ Undecided, Undeclared, Undefeated!”) I think our next hall sport is soccer, so stay tuned for that!

Christmas time is almost here, so once finals are over I will be headed home to spend the holidays with my family. What are your plans?ondas volleyball




Omg, enjoying school but still gotta study!!

Heyo heyo baby Eaters!


We are in wWeek 10! Yay coming close to the close of my first quarter at UCI. I hope everyone has started studying already 🙂 I know I did. It’s good to find a place where you can study in conditions that work best for you. For example, I study best in a place where there is noise but not too much noise. It’s also helpful to study with a small group. I know I’m so grateful for the MEChA members that have helped me out in my homework and studying. Also just remember  to not stress out too much and do something that helps you relax and calm down. Go play a bit, run around, let your inner child out! 

Me with the cute little birdy :)

Me with the cute little birdy 🙂

Did you know they had service animals on campus for us to play with? It was awesome! There was a parakeet (did I spell that right?) 2 dogs, a pony named Cherry, and 2 bunnies. It was really cool and helped relax me. It was so much fun to be able to pet them and hug them. They were very sweet animals and very patient too.

Also, I enjoyed a nice weekend with my family for the first time in months because of my work and school. We went to Universal Studios on Sunday! Yay it was so much fun even though we were a little too close to the fire in LA for my comfort.

Well I hope you have a nice week. Try not to get sick because of all the studying and lack of sleep. Honestly all that studying is not going to help if you are too sick to even pay attention to your finals. Which would be horrible. 🙁

Scooby dooby doo!

Scooby dooby doo!

It was so much fun!

My adorable little brothee didn't let me take a pic of him :'(

My adorable little brother and I

Good night baby eaters! Zot zot zot!

Lots of love from tiny me 🙂

Dealing with Homesickness

Hello fellow Anteaters!

We’re almost at the finish line (Winter Break), meaning finals are near 🙁 I hope everyone has been starting to study…remember my previous blog? You have to start early… 

Anyway, I have been meaning to write this blog for a couple weeks now, but I haven’t been able to because of the content of it. As you may have noticed, I haven’t mentioned, nor stated, my involvement at UCI as my fellow Zot Bloggers have. The reason for that being is that during the pledging process (of a sorority) there’s a certain secrecy that must be respected, but now as I have officially crossed I can discuss how I’ve been dealing with homesickness.

My pledge sisters and I at our crossing ceremony:)


Unlike one of my roommates, who gets to go home every weekend, I have only been home twice. Toward the beginning, I would have my moments where the homesickness would hit me hard, but not as much as those who have never left home before starting college (Summer Bridge helped out in that area as well). I would feel alone and would get emotional. Usually keeping myself busy helped, but in those moments, I would only think about wanting to go home. Facetiming with my parents and my brother helped, but not entirely. When I began, and as I went through the pledging process, however, I didn’t find myself feeling alone anymore. My pledge sisters began to really feel like my sisters. They’re a family here at Irvine for me. I have gotten so close to them and they’re a good support system for me. I have also been getting bible study sessions, which have also helped me feel better, spiritually, and Sara, my bible study teacher, is like a second mom to me now. Being involved with my pledge sisters and spending time with Sara, I feel supported on both sides (at UCI and outside UCI). Overall, finding a good support system is the best way to deal with homesickness, especially if you can’t go home as often.

All the best,


Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain rain go away, come again another day! Well, this week UCI experienced its first couple days of rain. I have to say… I was not a very happy camper! When I woke up Tuesday morning I was completely unprepared and had no idea how I was going to walk 15 minutes to class. So, I drove! I know it might sound crazy, but I hate the rain and that was the best idea I could come up with. Tuesday came and went, Wednesday was another rainy day, and the rest of the week was back tphoto-3o being sunny again. While we’re on the topic of weather, one major perk about UCI would definitely have to be its location. Being right in the middle of Orange County, the weather is pretty much perfect all the time. (besides those two rainy days). So for anyone that is not a fan of cold weather, Irvine is perfect.

As the week progressed forward, so did upcoming due dates and exams. I am currently working on an essay for Humanities Core ( a writing course), a Psychology project, and preparing for finals week. One major tip that I think may be helpful is to take advantage of your professor and TA’s office hours. Office hours are pretty much a time when you can meet your professor or TA face to face to ask questions and get help. These are especially useful whenever you feel unsure about a topic, or just would like to get to know them on a personal level. Personally, I find office hours extremely helpful and try make use of them as much as I can.

In other news, I visited Downtown Disney with a group of friends for the first time since move- in day! Having easy accessibility to Disneyland from campus would have to be another amazing perk about Irvine. I’m in dire need of an annual pass, so that is going straight onto my Christmas list!





What was thanksgiving like? What you gonna do for Christmas?

Hello hello baby Eaters!

Sorry I didn’t post sooner! I was having technical difficulties plus I’ve been really busy. I was wondering how many people other than myself worked Thanksgiving day? If you did omg I hope you had a lot of sleep and energy giving drinks because I know that it was very difficult. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh I was so sleepy. But other than that I hope you all had a great time.

Now we are getting closer to Christmas! Yay so if you commute then you still get to decorate and celebrate with family. I think that that family traditions are some of the most beautiful things the are. I know that one for me is decorator the house! I love the lights! All around you can see business and houses with decorations is so much fun. Or school has really pretty lights at UTC. I’d you someday stay late at school go check them out.

Colorful light at UTC give the night some life :)

Colorful light at UTC give the night some life 🙂

Also maybe you should send me some pictures of pay places around your home! Share your decorations with me, be it for Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other day you celebrate. Maybe if you live on campus declaren your dorm can help with making you feel more comfortable, just talk with your roomies first to make sure it’s ok with them- you don’t want to cause any unnecessary problems.

Every year my family and I go look at the decorated houses around the neighborhood. I found one that went all out for Christmas 😀 it’s so cool!

The awesome house! So many lights!

The awesome house! So many lights!

Well anyways hope you had a good holiday and have fun looking at all the beautiful lights you see around school.

G’night baby eaters! Zot zot zot!

Lots of love from tiny me. <3 😀