A Weekend with SigDelts

Hello fellow Anteaters!

My spring break was not like my fellow Zot Blogger, Nicole, who got to venture out and visit China! My week, unlike hers, was very uneventful, but it was nice just being able to do nothing and spend time with my parents and my brother. Given that, I would much rather talk about my retreat this past weekend!

Friday afternoon, the ladies of Sigma Delta Sigma and I embarked on our journey to Dana Point for a weekend at a beach house. Before this, I had never gone on a retreat so I had no idea what to expect, especially since it was a two-day-three-nights thing. We shared many laughs and bonding time though, that the tiring trip was worth it.

On Saturday we headed out to Salt Creek Beach. Despite the fact that the beach was only five minutes from the house, a couple of girls managed to get lost. They ended up on the other side of the beach searching for us, for an hour, I might add. One thing about the SigDelts people should know is that they love food, and when I say “love”, I mean love. To put it in perspective, when UCI gave undergraduate students without a meal plan a free pass to eat at the commons, they all took up an entire table and crowded it with food. Just when you think they would get full, they got up for another round, taking advantage of that one pass. With that being said, our retreat was full of delicious foods. We cooked and we went out to eat, but my favorite was pasta night.


There were other moments of retreat where we were able to just sit down and talk, which was nice because many of the girls will be graduating by the end of this quarter. And even though I have only been an active member of the sorority for two quarters, I have already gotten attached to many of these girls who not only serve as mentors for me, but true sisters I can count on, vent out to, and share embarrassing moments with.


All the best,


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