Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the parameters for participating in Viet Stories?
A: To participate you should be of Vietnamese descent, at least 30 years of age, and reside or work in Southern California (Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties and Inland Empire).

Q: If I meet the requirements above, whom should I contact?
A: You can get in touch with the Associate Director, Tram Le at or (714) 794-9669. Please be ready to provide the following information in your email or voicemail:
1. Name
2. Age
3. City of residence
4. Language you preferred to be interviewed in

Q: Who will interview me if I decide to participate?
A: Depending on your language requirements, you may be interviewed by the Associate Director, a research intern working with the Associate Director, or a UCI undergraduate student enrolled in “Vietnamese American Experience” or another Asian American Studies course.

Q: How long does the interview take and how should I prepare for the interview?
A: The interview itself typically takes 90 minutes to 2 hours or more. However, allow extra time to sign consent forms prior to the interview. Your interview will be audio- and/or video-recorded and your photograph taken. You can prepare for the interview by finding old family and personal photographs and documents that you are willing to make public and bring these to the interview to include with your life story. Scans and/or photographs of your items will be made so that originals will be returned to you. If you are willing to donate your items, your photos and documents will be preserved in climate and humidity-controlled facilities. You can also prepare by jotting down some notes prior to your interview of special experiences you would like to include in the interview. A question guide is available in English and Vietnamese for you to preview.

Q: Where will the interview take place?
A: The location will depend on several factors. If you are open to being interviewed in your home, the interviewer can schedule a time that is convenient to come by and interview you there. We can also set up your interview in a community space in Little Saigon or in a private meeting room on UCI campus. The location should be private and quiet since we will audio- and/or video-record your interview.

Q: How long will this project go on?
A: We expect to conduct interviews on an ongoing basis for the next few years, depending on funding. Please check back on the official website ( for updates.

Q: How can I help contribute to this project?
A: There are several ways you can help keep our histories alive:

  • Volunteer to transcribe and/or translate the interviews
  • Donate artifacts such as photographs, documents, items of clothing, artwork, objects, etc.
  • Donate to our endowment funds

If you are interested in any of the above, contact Tram Le at for more information.