Vietnamese American


1. Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation’s 500 stories

“The Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF) was founded in 2004 to improve awareness about Vietnamese American by collecting, preserving, promoting, and celebrating Vietnamese American history and heritage. Their mission is to collect five hundred stories of Vietnamese American who have risked their lives to escape communist oppression to find freedom, financial success, and happiness for themselves and their families in the United States.”

Contact information: Nancy Bui /

2. Vietnamese American of the Gulf Coast Oral History Project

“The Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage at The University of Southern Mississippi partnered with Asian Americans for Change in documenting and recording the life histories of Vietnamese Americans of the Gulf Coast, who left everything behind in Vietnam to start a new life and only to start over a second time after Hurricane Katrine. Their goal is to interview first generation community members, then transcribe and translate recordings to produce a bound manuscript for each participant.”

Contact information: Asian Americans for Change
P.O. Box 1826
Pascagoula, MS 39568

(228) 806-1384

3. Stories of Versai – Vietnamese American Youth Leaders Association-New Orleans

“After the Vietnamese Young Leaders Association of New Orleans was founded in 2006,  they began envisioning an oral history and documentary project. The Stories of Versai project began in August, 2009. The purpose is to use the power of storytelling to celebrate our history, culture, and heal divisions within the Southeast Asian community.”

4.The Vietnamese American Oral History Project – Crane House

“This project is a community collaboration led by Crane House to collect the stories and artifacts of Vietnam War Veterans and Vietnamese-Americans in Louisville, Kentucky. Their work will be exhibited in 2012.”

Contact Information: Crane House (Lousiville, KY)

Dede Tran/

5. Napoli Vietnam Oral History Project: “New York’s City’s Vietnam Veterans – Remembering the pass, shaping the present”

“In the 90 interviews,Phillip Napoli has done with Vietnam vets from around the city as part of an oral history and book project. The journey has taken the 44-year-old Brooklyn College history professor from homes to American Legion posts to VA hospitals. The interviews are conducted in a open-ended question and answer format, and are recorded either on audiotape, videotape, or both”

Contact information: Philip Napoli: Assistant Professor/ US Social and Public History

521 Whitehead Hall, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

2900 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210

Phone: 1-646-330-5751