Short Videos

When millions of Vietnamese refugees fled Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in 1975, many were forced to destroy or leave behind most of their personal belongings, including precious photographs, important documents, or meaningful artifacts. Whatever they managed to bring with them were sometimes lost in the process of resettlement and moving from different homes and cities. Even when they were able to preserve these treasures, many of their children and grandchildren are unaware of the history of these items or their significance.

Through this video project, Viet Stories aims to reconnect the younger generation with this history.  UC Irvine students were asked to record a Vietnamese American sharing an object that is of value to them and to convey its importance in relation to the Vietnamese American experience.  The parameters were to record a brief video (1-2 minutes) featuring the item, such as a photograph, document, artwork, article of clothing, object, etc., that is of value to the person being recorded.  They could record on their cell phones and use their laptops or desktop monitors to make their videos.  The focus was on storytelling and the strong connection between the narrator and item of interest.

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-11-25-01-amArtifact Video: Julie T. Nguyen tran-ngo   Artifact Video: Tran Ngo michelle-truongArtifact Video: Michelle Truong
son-truongArtifact Video: Son Truong justine-trinhArtifact Video: Justine Trinh alex-nguyenArtifact Video: Alex Nguyen
amanda-dinhArtifact Video: Amanda Dinh ana-valeria-floresArtifact Video: Ana Valeria Flores brent-zinmanArtifact Video: Brent Zinman
clare-leeArtifact Video: Clare Lee dany-chittamanyArtifact Video: Dany Chittamany fred-murabitoArtifact Video: Fred Murabito
james-deen-winchesterArtifact Video: James Winche kelly-dinhArtifact Video: Kelly Dinh larry-craigArtifact Video: Larry Craig
megan-nguyenArtifact Video: Megan Nguyen pauline-dongArtifact Video: Pauline Dong pauline-nguyenArtifact Video: Pauline Nguyen
rex-wangArtifact Video: Rex Wang sharon-maiArtifact Video: Sharon Mai thuy-maiArtifact Video: Thuy Mai





Artifact Video: Wes Hoang