zotALERT Sign-Up/ New Mobile Application

We are continuously working to ensure our community is prepared for an emergency and one critical component to this is ensuring timely communication that can alert you to potential threats or safety hazards. To do this the campus has developed the ZotALERT system. ZotALERTS are issued upon confirmation or believe of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving a potential immediate threat to the health or safety of community members occurring on the campus. Examples of situations in which a zotALERT may be sent include in-progress crimes, earthquakes, bomb threats, an armed intruder, gas leaks, explosions, or severe weather, among other situations. When UCI issues a zotALERT, a mass email is sent to all individuals with a UCI email address and a text message is sent to cell phone devices for those individuals who opt-in. At times, zotALERTS may be general in nature because the situation is unfolding. They provide important information known to authorities at a specific point in time. Additional information will be sent out by the campus as it becomes available. If Verano Place receives a zotALERT, relevant to the community it is our practice to forward it to the community list serve to ensure the community is informed.

To ensure you receive timely communication, please take a moment and consider signing up for ZotALERT (if you have not already done so already).
• Students, staff and faculty should visit http://www.oit.uci.edu/zotalert/ to register and opt-in for this service or to update zotALERT contact information.
• Residents who live in full apartments in family housing can sign their partners up for zot alerts, visit http://www.resnet.uci.edu/zotalert.html for more information.

If an incident is unfolding the following resources are available to you as a means to get information from the campus:
• Facebook – http://facebook.com/UCIrvinePD,
• Twitter – http://twitter.com/UCIrvinePD
• UCI Emergency Resources “the flip book” – http://police.uci.edu/UCI_EmerProc.pdf


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