Verano Neighborbood Assembly Areas

Map_VP_AssemblyAreas 2-001

What is NAP?

NAP stands for NEIGHBORHOOD ASSEMBLY POINT. In case of an evacuation due to a disaster, community volunteers would meet you at your NAP site to assist you with communication regarding building damage, inquiries about family/friends and any other outside information. All other volunteer coordination would be organized at your NAP site.

Where is your NAP?

Nap 1Apts. #: 100 – 3224
Lawn Area between Old Rec Center & Parking Lot 24

Nap 2 – Apts. #: 66101-69414
Lawn at the back corner of parking lot 26 (between the Infant Toddler Center and California Avenue).

Nap 3 – Apts. #: 6200 – 6528
Grassy Hill Area behind Verano Housing Office (next to Basketball Court)


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