Practical Information


Irvine has very pleasant climate. In June, the average high is around 26 degrees Celsius, and the low around 14 degrees. At this time of the year, there is typically not much precipitation.

Getting around

There will be buses provided running daily between the Marriott Newport Beach hotel and the UCI conference center.

Irvine does have public transportation. In particular, there are public buses (route 79) running frequently from hotel to the UCI campus. It is not recommended to rent a car since even parking can be very expensive.


At the conference location, there is large variety of food options, both on campus and off campus. Similarly, the conference hotel is located at Fashion Island with a large variety of dining options.


Irvine offers a large variety of recreation facilities. The beach is fairly close to the conference hotel.

NuInt 2017

WIN2017 ends right before NuInt 2017 starts.

Festival of the Art at Laguna Beach

The famed annual Festival of the Art at the beautiful artist town of Laguna Beach will take place soon after WIN2017 from July 5 – August 31, 2017. For more information, see here.