Scientific Program

Preliminary program is now accessible on Indico.

The Scientific Program will consist both plenary and working group sessions. The plenary sessions will include overview talks, highlight talks , working summary talks, and a workshop summary talk. During the working group sessions, there will be invited mini-reviews as well as contributing talks.

Abstract submission is now open. The working group program will be organized by the session conveners (one experimentalist and one theorist). If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact directly the session conveners.

Topics to be covered in the four working groups include:

(I) Neutrino Physics: theories of neutrino masses and mixing; long-baseline oscillation experiments; short-baseline oscillation experiments; atmospheric neutrinos; reactor neutrinos; solar neutrinos; searches for sterile neutrinos; neutrino-nucleus cross sections; direct neutrino mass measurements; neutrino-less double beta decay.  

Theory Convener: Pedro Machado (FNAL, USA)
E-mail: pmachado [at]

Experimental Convener: Mary Bishai (BNL, USA)
E-mail: mbishai [at]

(II) Electroweak Interactions: experimental results, searches, and bounds; precision electroweak studies; Higgs physics; supersymmetry and alternative theories studies and experimental signatures; analyses of future collider prospects.

Theory Convener: Wolfgang Altmannshofer (Cinccinati, USA)
E-mail: altmanwg [at]

Experimental Convener: Sarah Demers (Yale, USA)
E-mail: sarah.demers [at]

(III) Flavor and Precision Physics: theories of flavor and CP violation; theoretical tools for precision physics; lepton flavor violation; B-factories; electric dipole moments; (g-2); other precision experiments at low energies; rare decays; low-energy CP violation; proton decay; neutron-antineutron oscillation.

Theory Convener: We-Fu Chang (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
E-mail: wfchang [at]

Experimental Convener: Angela Papa (PSI, Switzerland)
E-mail: angela.papa [at]

(IV) Astro-particle Physics and Cosmology: supernova neutrinos; neutrinos in cosmology; ultra-high energy cosmic neutrinos; direct and indirect searches for dark matter; new dark matter candidates; baryogenesis and leptogenesis; the cosmic microwave background; cosmological observations; dark energy; inflation.

Theory Convener: Jan Hamann (Sydney, Australia)
E-mail: jan.hamann [at]

Experimental Convener: Carsten Rott (Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea)
E-mail: carsten.rott [at]