General Evaluator

Improving the process while overseeing the execution.

At the Meeting

  • Sit near the back of the room to allow yourself full view of the meeting and its participants.
  • Take notes on everything that happens (or doesn’t but should).
  • Look for good and unacceptable examples of preparation, organization, enthusiasm, delivery, observation, and general performance of duties. You are not to re-evaluate the speakers.
  • Comment on the quality of the evaluations. Did they point the way to improvement?
  • Give your report at the end of the meeting when called upon by the Toastmaster. Your report should be 2-3 minutes.

Points to consider:

  • Start/Stop on time
  • Appropriateness of inspiration
  • Table Topics: appropriate questions?
  • Evaluations: Were they positive, encouraging? Did they offer specific suggestions for improvement? Did they summarize strengths and weaknesses?
  • General: Participants’ preparation and delivery, Guests welcomed and introduced, Administrative details handled smoothly

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