Each meeting has 1-3 prepared speeches. Speakers use the guidelines in the Competent Communication (CC) manual and the Advanced Communication Series (ACS) manuals to fully prepare their presentations. The CC manual speeches usually last 5-7 minutes. ACS manual project speeches are 5-7 minutes or longer depending upon the assignment.

Before the Meeting

  • Check the Duty Roster weeks in advance to see when you are scheduled to speak
  • E-mail your Toastmaster and Evaluator your speech introduction including: title, length, and project number from the manual you are working from.
  • Send your Evaluator any personal goals or concerns that should be monitored in your speech.
  • Remember to bring your manual to the meeting!
  • Prepare your speech. Write it, edit, practice out loud, revise it, present to your mentor and keep practicing. Make sure to time your speech when you practice.

At the Meeting

  • Arrive early, set up any equipment or props needed
  • Give your manual to your Evaluator
  • Sit close to the front of the room
  • When you are introduced, walk confidently to the front of the room. Walk with confidence back to your seat after you have finished.
  • During your evaluation, listen intently and take notes
  • At the end of the meeting, have the VP Education initial the Project Completion Record at the back of your manual

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