See what our current and formers members have to say about us!

“I love Zotspeak Toastmasters! Most of all great people! Very supportive environment. Lots of opportunities to improve public speaking. Always one of the highlights of my week. Every week I leave inspired. I would recommend to anybody wanting to improve themselves…”
– Kevin B.

“I graduated from UCI many years ago. I have since taught engineering in Hong Kong, China and now Japan. I attribute a large part of my success to the skills I learned at ZotSpeak Toastmasters. I describe it as structured kindness for self-improvement.”             – Chia-Huei Tseng

“ZotSpeak–what a great organization! Members helped me find my voice when providing presentations and speeches to administrators and other higher ups. This was instrumental for my professional growth and image.”
– Arlene V.

“Toastmasters has been instrumental to my growth as a leader and public speaker. As a future healthcare provider, I now feel confident in my ability to effectively communicate with future patients and their families.”
– Chris G.

“ZotSpeak taught me to communicate properly and effectively and created a zone of confidence where I am no longer uncomfortable, ashamed or in fear of anyone judging me anymore even when I am not ready for my talks. ZotSpeak has been the confidence, courage, passion and the driving force when I communicate with people; this could be simply meeting with very brilliant scholars from Harvard, UCI, Boston University hospital staff and leadership team members, from a small group of brilliant minds and ideas to a room full of scholars.”
– Siyo B.

“I feel lucky to join Toastmasters in my first year in the US. My fellow Toastmasters teach me public speaking skills, American culture, and more importantly, give me courage and confidence. For me, this is the place for growth and joy.”
– Anqi L.