Fiction Publications

Erin Eileen Almond

Witches’ Dance

Andrew Altschul

         The Gringa

Michael Andreasen

The Sea Beast Takes a Lover: Stories

Ramona Ausubel

Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty

No One Is Here Except All of Us

A Guide to Being Born


David Bajo

Mercy 6

The 351 Books of Irma Arcuri


Jen Beagin

Pretend I’m Dead

Vacuum in the Dark

Aimee Bender

The Girl in the Flammable Skirt

An Invisible Sign of My Own

Willful Creatures

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

The Color Master

The Butterfly Lampshade

David Benioff

The 25th Hour

When the Nines Roll Over

City of Theives

Greg Bills

Consider This Home

Fearful Symmetry

L. Annette Binder


The Vanishing Sky

Elise Blackwell

The Lower Quarter



The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish

An Unfinished Score

Belle Boggs

Mattaponi Queen

The Gulf

Don Bredes

Hard Feelings


Cold Comfort

The Fifth Season

The Errand Boy

James Brown

Hot Wire

The Second Story Theatre, and Two Encores

Final Performance

Lucky Town

This River

Michael Chabon

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

A Model World and Other Stories

Wonder Boys

Werewolves in Their Youth 

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay


The Final Solution: A Story of Detection

The Yiddish Policeman’s Union

Telegraph Avenue

Leonard Chang

Over The Shoulder


The Fruit ‘n Food

Dispatches From the Cold

Over the Shoulder: A Novel of Intrigue


Fade to Clear


Chieh Chieng

A Long Stay in a Distant Land

Jill Ciment

Small Claims

The Law of Falling Bodies

Teeth of the Dog

Half a Life

The Tattoo Artist

Heroic Measures

Charmaine Craig

The Good Men: A Novel of Heresy

Miss Burma

Carolyn Doty

A Day Late

Fly Away Home

What She Told Him


Alex Espinoza

Still Water Saints

The Five Acts of Diego Léon

Joshua Ferris

Then We Came to the End

The Unnamed

To Rise Again at a Decent Hour

The Dinner Party: Stories

Richard Ford

A Piece of My heart

The Ultimate Good Luck

The Sportswriter

Rock Springs


Independence Day

Women with Men: Three Stories

A Multitude of Sins

The Lay of the Land


Frank X. Gasper

Leaving Pico

Stealing Fatima

Patricia Geary

Living in Ether

Strange Toys

The Other Canyon

Guru Cigarettes

Glen David Gold

Carter Beats the Devil


Michael Golding

Simple Prayers

Benjamin’s Gift

Polly Gross

Western Motel

Alan Grostephan


Michael Guista

Brain Work

Rhoda Huffey

The Hallelujah Side

T.C. Huo

A Thousand Wings

Land of Smiles

Michael Jaime-Becerra

Every Night is Ladies’ Night

This Time Tomorrow

Louis B. Jones

Ordinary Money

Particles and Luck

California’s Over



Elizabeth Kadetsky

First There is a Mountain

Michelle Latiolais

Even Now

A Proper Knowledge



Marti Leimbach

Dying Young

Sun Dial Street

Love and Houses

Falling Backwards

Daniel Isn’t Talking

The Man From Saigon

Jack Lopez

In the Break

Kathryn Marshall

My Sister Gone

Desert Places

Marisa Matarazzo

Drenched: Stories of Love and Other Deliriums

Gordon McAlpine

Hammett Unwritten

Woman With A Blue Pencil

Joy in Mudville

The Persistence of Memory

Mystery Box

Hammett Unwritten

Woman with a Blue Pencil

Holmes Entangled

Tom McNeal

Goodnight, Nebraska

To Be Sung Underwater

Maile Meloy

Half in Love

Liars and Saints

A Family Daughter

Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It

The Apothecary

Kem Nunn

Tapping the Source

Unassigned Territory

Pomona Queen

The Dogs of Winter

Tijuana Straights


Varley O’Connor

Like China

A Company of Three

The Cure

The Master’s Muse

The Welsh Fasting Girl

Kim O’Neil
Fever Dogs
Whitney Otto

How to Make an American Quilt

Now You See Her

The Passion Dream Book

A Collection of Beauties a the Height of Their Popularity

Robin Page

        Small Silent Things

Ismet Prcic


Zana Previti

The Chilling Simple

Frederick Reiken

The Odd Sea

The Lost Legends of New Jersey

Day for Night

Ryan Ridge

American Homes

Hunters and Gamblers

Elizabeth Rosner

The Speed of Light

Blue Nude

Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones

The Almost Moon


Susan Segal


Danzy Senna



You Are Free

Elisabeth Sheffield


Fort Da: A Report

Brando Skyhorse

The Madonnas of Echo Park

Roberta Smoodin

Ursus Major


Inventing Ivanov

White Horse Cafe

Gary Soto

Local News

Nickel and Dime

Poetry Lover

Amnesia in a Republican County

Craig Strete

Dreams That Burn in the Night

If All Else Fails

Inez Tan

This Is Where I Won’t Be Alone

Jervey Tervalon

Understand This

Dead Above Ground

All the Trouble You Need


Héctor Tobar

The Tattooed Soldier

The Barbarian Nurseries

Matthew Thomas

We Are Not Ourselves

Steven M. Thomas

Criminal Paradise

Criminal Karma

Andrew Tonkovich
Keeping Tahoe Blue and Other Provocations
Katherine Vaz


Fado and Other Stories


Our Lady of the Artichokes

The Love Life of an Assistant Animator

Helena María Viramontes

The Moths and Other Stories

Under the Feet of Jesus

Their Dogs Came With Them

Lane Von Herzen

Copper Crown

The Unfastened Heart

David Walton

Waiting in Line

Evening Out


Mary Yukari Waters

The Laws of Evening

The Favorites

Tom Wayman

Boundary Country     

A Vain Thing

Woodstock Rising

Andrew Winer

The Color Midnight Made

The Marriage Artist

Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop



The Why of Things

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