PGC Structure

PGC is structured into three branches. Representatives, Chairs and the Administration. Each branch provides different services, in accordance with our Mission Statement, that are essential to the operation of PGC.

The Representative Branch consists of the group of PGC officers who represent Physics & Astronomy graduate students at different organizations and committees throughout all levels of administration at UC Irvine. Representatives provide info and updates from their respected organizations and committees and gain insight from PGC meetings on what Physics & Astronomy graduate students want from these organizations and committees and how they want to be represented.

The Chair Branch consists of the group of PGC Officers who provides services or access to resources to Physics & Astronomy graduate students. PGC is allocated with funds and resources which provide opportunities for graduate students to socialize, network, and professionally develop.

The Administration Branch consists of the group of PGC Officers who are the backbone of the organization. The purpose the administration is to document and organize PGC meetings, budget, and communication platforms.