Program Description

The Social Science Honors Program (SSHP) is an excellent academic opportunity for undergraduate students to enhance their research skills exploring a specific topic of interest through a research project. A year-series program, the students work with an appointed faculty to complete their research project. The weekly seminars (H190) facilitate students learning through class discussions with peers across specializations sharing their experiences and gaining insight on the practical elements of the research process. A key objective of the Honors Program is to assist students in developing their scholarship, critical thinking abilities, and public presentation skills.

The Social Science Honors Program allows Social Science and Social Policy and Public Service majors to engage in research leading to the completion of an honors thesis that includes the following sections:

Statement of Purpose
Problem Statement
Literature Review

Research Hypothesis
Methods Section

Discussion of Findings

The topic for the honors thesis is at the discretion of the student but it should reflect a theme consistent with social science studies. Moreover, the topic is to be approved by the faculty advisor and program director. The Honors Program is composed of the following three 4-unit courses:

  1. H190A - Honors Research Workshop (Fall Quarter)
  2. H190B - Honors Thesis Research (Winter Quarter)
  3. H190C - Honors Thesis (Spring Quarter)

Benefits to the Program

As you venture into the idea of committing an entire year to research, it is important to explore your costs and benefits. The program will require time and investment. Yet, you will gain substantial academic experience for your future educational pursuits. The three-quarter series will facilitate the matching of a mentor, development of a research agenda, and enhancement of critical thinking and analytical skills. The program will provide a seamless training where you will learn specific directives for a graduate education and various opportunities to engage off-campus recruiters and graduate school experts. The culmination of the program will include the presentation of your findings to the School of Social Sciences and an end-of-the-year reception where you are recognized by the Dean and Associate Dean for your academic efforts and successes.

Don’t allow this opportunity to pass you by during your educational years at UCI. The SSHP is a unique opportunity to become a strong researcher in your field of interest. Seriously consider the invitation, make time in your schedule and plan to participate.

Remember there are numerous benefits to the program. Become a part of the SSHP!

Benefits to the Program

  • Gain a Faculty Mentor
  • Learn the Research Process
  • Develop a Research Agenda
  • Enhance Presentation Skills
  • Refine Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
  • Network
  • Improve Writing Abilities
  • Graduate School Preparation

The Honors Program is open to all junior and senior Social Science majors with an overall GPA of 3.40 and a 3.50 GPA in your major. The Social Science Honors Program is supervised by the director who monitors the program and the students' progress. Accompanying the director's feedback, each student identifies and works with a faculty advisor closely to complete their project. The schedule of courses for the Honors Program is as follows:

  1. In the Fall quarter, students enroll in H190A – Honors Research Workshop. The course, taught by the director of the honors program, ends with each student having formulated a written research plan (i.e. prospectus) for the honors thesis. Students also select a faculty member who supervises the research project and evaluates the honors thesis.
  2. In the Winter quarter, students enroll in H190B – Honors Thesis Research. The students' faculty advisor will supervise and evaluate data collection and analyses.
  3. In the Spring quarter, students enroll in H190C – Honors Thesis. Students will work with their faculty advisor in order to finish the thesis.