Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

2017 with Sebastian Kubitschko. Humanitarian media interventions: doing infrastructures in times of forced migration. Spheres Journal for Digital Cultures #3.

Book Chapters

forthcoming. Archiving for the Anthropocene: Notes from the Field Campus. Dear Anthropocene Exhibition Catalogue. Ilmin Museum for Art, Seoul.

2020 with Monic Meisel. Free Wireless Network Activism and the Industrialized Media Infrastructures of Forced Migration. In: McGuirk, Siobhán & Pine, Adrienne (eds.) Asylum for Sale: Profit, and Protest in the Migration Industry. Oakland: PM Press.

2019. Humanitäre Medieninterventionen. Digitale Infrastruktur in Unterkünften für Geflüchtete. In: Kaufmann, Nimführ, Otto & Schütte (eds.) Forschen und Arbeiten im Kontext von Flucht. Reflexionslücken, Repräsentations- und Ethikfragen. VS Springer.

Bachelor’s Thesis

2017 Humanitarian Modulations: Doing ‚Free‘ (Media and Communication) Infrastructures in Times of Forced Migration. BA Thesis, University of Bremen. Open Access.

Blogs and reports

2019. Archiving for the Anthropocene: Notes from the Field CampusPlatypus. October 29, 2019.

2019 with Jason Ludwig, Scott Knowles, and Kim Fortun. Tactics for Quotidian Anthropocenes: A Field Campus ReportAnthropocene Curriculum. Berlin: Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

2018 Still “in its infancy”? Afterthoughts on the relevance of STS anchors in GermanyEASST Review Volume 37(4).

2018 with Monic Meisel. Country Report Germany. From the shelter to the classroom: Two Case Studies Of Civic Participation Through Freifunk BerlinGlobal Information Society Watch Yearbook. APC Press.


2017 Vorstellung der PreisträgerInnen des DARIAH DH-Award 2017: Tim SchützDHd Blog.