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(Future schedule:  Spring Wed noon in SSPB 4250; April 2-June 8; except 4/11, 5/16, 5/30).

Winter 2018 2017

Wednesdays 1:30pm in SBSG 1321

Winter Quarter Jan 8-Mar 16.  Holidays Jan 15, Feb 19

January 10:  Evan Schofer and Julia Lerch.  “Illiberal movements and the rise of attacks on universities.”  (with John Meyer)

January 17:  David Frank.  “Beyond the State:  Human Rights in Everyday Life.”

January 24:  No Meeting.

January 31:  David Frank.  “The Expansion of Academic Knowledge in World Society”

February 7:  No Meeting.

February 14:  No Meeting.

February 21:  No Meeting.

February 28:  Evan Schofer.  Ongoing work on illiberal reactions in world society.  (With John Meyer)

March 7:  Julia Lerch.  “Beyond Survival: Empowered Individualism and the Rise of Education as a Humanitarian Response”

March 14:  Jared Furuta.


Fall 2017

Wednesdays 2:00pm in SSPB 4206

Fall Quarter Sept 28-Dec 8.  Holidays Nov 10, 23, 24

October 4:  Ann Hironaka.  “Ambiguity and Military Competition”

October 11:  Pertti Alasuutari “Authority as Epistemic Capital” and Marjaana Rautalin “The Rise of International Policy Models and Recommendations: The Case of the OECD”

October 18:  Julia Lerch.  “INGO Memberships Revisited: Local Variation of Receptor Sites in the Diffusion of Emergency Education as a New Global Norm”

October 25:  Benjamin J. Leffel.  “Enmity of the Underling: Theorizing Sub-State Diplomacy in a World Society”

November 1:  Steven Mejia.  “Global Economy, Polity, and Integrated Theory of Global Environmentalism: A Cross-National Study on Air Pollution”

November 8:  No Meeting.

November 15:  David Reimer, Aarhus U. “Joint Forces: How Social Background and Gender Shape Segregation in Higher Education across Nations”

November 22:  Probably no meeting due to Thanksgiving.

November 29:  No Meeting.

December 6:  Lizzie Buckner.  “The Internationalization of Higher Education: Global Citizenship or Neo-Colonization?”


Spring 2017

Upcoming Spring:  April 3-June 9.  Meetings April 3,10,17,24 May 1,8,15,22,29(holiday) June 5

April 3:  Katri Sieberg, University of Tampere, Finland.  Current issues in health care in the US and Finland.

April 10:  Steven Schmidt.  (2nd year paper) “Justifying the Growth Machine: Urban Revelopment in Mexico City’s City Center.”

April 17:  No Meeting.

April 24:  Rodolfo Lopez.  “Conditions of Protest Participation of Evangelicals Across Latin America.”

May 1:  Aaron Tester.  “Radical Democracy or Neoliberalism?  States, Civil Society, and Individualization in the Era of Participatory Development.”

May 8:  George Thomas, Arizona State University.  “Making Inferences from Institutional Structures to Human Personhood.”

May 15:  Evan Schofer.  “Higher Education and Progressive Societal Movements.”

May 22:  Nigel Kragten, University of Amsterdam.  “The Diffusion of Educational Reforms Across Europe.”

May 29:  No Meeting.

June 5:  Anna Kosmützky, INCHER-Kassel.  “International Comparative Research – Methodological and Social Challenges and Prospects.”