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Upcoming Spring:  April 3-June 9.  Meetings April 3,10,17,24 May 1,8,15,22,29(holiday) June 5

April 3:  Katri Sieberg, University of Tampere, Finland.  Current issues in health care in the US and Finland.

April 10:  Steven Schmidt.  (2nd year paper) “Justifying the Growth Machine: Urban Revelopment in Mexico City’s City Center.”

April 17:  No Meeting.

April 24:  Rodolfo Lopez.  “Conditions of Protest Participation of Evangelicals Across Latin America.”

May 1:  Aaron Tester.  “Radical Democracy or Neoliberalism?  States, Civil Society, and Individualization in the Era of Participatory Development.”

May 8:  George Thomas, Arizona State University.  “Making Inferences from Institutional Structures to Human Personhood.”

May 15:  Evan Schofer.  “Higher Education and Progressive Societal Movements.”

May 22:  Nigel Kragten, University of Amsterdam.  “The Diffusion of Educational Reforms Across Europe.”

May 29:  No Meeting.

June 5:  Anna Kosmützky, INCHER-Kassel.  “International Comparative Research – Methodological and Social Challenges and Prospects.”


Winter 2017

Monday 2:00-3:30.  Location:  SSPB 4250

January 9:  Alexandra Olsen.  “State Level Deinstitutionalization and Reinstitutionalization: Understanding the Rise of Overdose Prevention Laws”

January 16:  MLK Jr. Holiday.  No meeting.

January 23: Lir Wang and Evan Schofer. “Coming Out of the Penumbras:  World Culture and Cross-national Variation in Divorce Rates.”

January 30:  Pertti Alasuutari, University of Tampere.  “Decision-making in world parliaments and the parliamentary dataset.”

February 6:  Karen Robinson.   “Social Origins of the American Professoriate: Race, Class, and Gender in Academia”

February 13:  Ann Hironaka.  “Notes on Institutional Change.”

February 20:  President’s Day:  No meeting.

February 27:  Jacques E. C. Hymans, USC.  “Bolivar and Beyond: The Changing Iconography of South American Banknotes from the Late 19th Century Until Today.”

March 6:  David John Frank.  University book draft.

March 13:  Nina Bandelj and Aaron Tester.  “Coopting Economic Institutions, Scripting Globalization: The Changing Role of Bilateral Investment Treaties in the World Polity (1958-2013).”


Fall 2016

Wednesday 1:30-3:00 in SSBP 2214

September 28:  Erin Evans, Ann Hironaka, Evan Schofer, and Sheila Xiao. “Environmental Protest around the World”

October 5:  No Meeting.

October 12:  Wayne Sandholtz.  USC School of International Relations.  “United States Military Assistance and Human Rights”

October 19:  No Meeting.

October 26:  Ann Hironaka.  “Power in World Society.”

October 27:  Special joint event with ISPF in SSPA 1100:  Andreas Wimmer, Princeton U.  “Nation Building. Why Some Countries Came Together While Others Fell Apart”

November 2:  Aaron Tester.  “Deforestation in the Global South: Assessing Uneven Environmental Improvements 1991-2012.”

November 9:  Tania DoCarmo.  “UN Workspaces and the Institutionalization of Human Trafficking as a Contemporary Phenomenon”

November 16:  Suzie Caldwell Mulesky.  “Unknown Victims: Amnesty International’s Strategic Incentives Against Reporting Human Rights Violations.”

November 23:  No Meeting.

November 30:  Ralph Hosoki.  Dissertation chapter.