About Recruit

What is UC Recruit?

Faculty recruitment has long been a paper-intensive process, creating an unnecessary administrative burden both to increasingly over-assigned staff and faculty committees juggling multiple priorities. In 2011, the University of California selected UCI’s AP Recruit system—used on that campus since 2006—for system-wide deployment at all 10 UC campuses.

Recruit provides for secure online academic employment recruitment management, supporting the entire recruitment workflow from creation, application, reference gathering, reviewing by the search committee, and, finally, selecting a hired candidate. Reports are built-in to the system, providing for an easy way to create the reports that the University of California’s Office of the President uses to ensure all campuses meet their requirements as equal opportunity employers. Recruit also ensures the security and integrity of all applicant, reference, and related recruitment data.

In 2011, UCI’s AP Recruit was adopted for system-wide use under the UC Recruit initiative. All campuses are currently live with UC Recruit:

  • Irvine (2006)
  • San Diego (2009)
  • Berkeley (2012)
  • Davis (2012)
  • Santa Cruz (2012)
  • UCLA (2012)
  • Santa Barbara (2013)
  • San Francisco (2013)
  • Merced (2013)
  • Riverside (2013)

A Video Tour of UC Recruit (7 minutes)

Please Note: As of May 2012, UC Recruit accepts all Academic Title Codes for online applicant management. This includes recruitments using Title Codes for Tenured/Tenure-track AND Other Academic Positions (non-tenured). This screencast may not clearly reflect this important enhancement. This video was created using UCI’s AP Recruit, so some terminology may differ from other campuses.

Features of UC Recruit

  • Applicants can manage and monitor their application progress — Applicants see a visual indication of their progress towards successful application as they securely upload required documentation, solicit letters of reference, and submit an equal opportunity and diversity survey as required of federal contractors.
  • References can log in and securely upload their letters of reference — References receive a system-emailed secure link & token allowing them to confidentially upload letters of reference directly into AP Recruit
  • Department analysts can easily set up new recruitments — Department analysts define application requirements, upload mailed applications into AP Recruit, answer applicant questions, use downloadable spreadsheets to mail thank you letters, and print flyers of upcoming applicant visits/seminars
  • Faculty search committees can quickly review applicants — Search committee members evaluate applicants, share comments and flags, add personal notes about applicants, track read/unread applications, identify candidates to interview, and designate final candidates
  • Self-reported diversity data is easily available to the proper groups — Equal Opportunity and Diversity offices download reports and self-identified applicant gender and race/ethnicity data, and equity advisors can review diversity reports of the applicant pool and short-listed applicants in support of University commitments to gender equity and diversity in the professoriate
  • Individually branded for each campus — Application name, campus name, colors, seal, contact info, and department structure are tailored to the participating campus
  • Shibboleth authentication and data service interfaces — Authentication requests are handled by participating campus single-sign on systems. Authorization, directory, department, and division information is updated regularly via web service and data feeds

Operating Systems & Browsers

UC Recruit supports the latest browsers for all modern operating systems. We recommend that users stay as up-to-date as possible, not just to ensure compatibility with UC Recruit, but maintain a secure computing environment.

Operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows (Vista, 7, 8) and Apple Mac OS X 10.6+ (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite)
  • Mobile: Recruit’s responsive design is compatible with up-to-date mobile devices.

Recommended browsers: We recommend automatic updates to ensure a secure and modern browsing experience.

Additional supported browsers:

We also make every attempt to support the browsers listed on the UC Irvine Office of Information Technology Browser Standards page, but certain technologies may lead to a degraded or otherwise suboptimal browsing experience. Please also note that Internet Explorer 7 is no longer supported.

The Collaboration

Deploying a multi-campus AP Recruit is a product of strong partnership and commitment between two campuses with a common vision to take advantage of modern technology to bring forth automation and efficiencies to established business processes in Academic Personnel during the time of budgetary limitations.

In October 2009, UC Irvine launched the AP Recruit web application for use at the San Diego campus. Originally launched in 2006 and costing roughly a million dollars and 6 years of development and maintenance, UC Irvine transformed the campus-tailored AP Recruit system into a multi-campus software service in 6 months. Going forward, multiple campuses will benefit from new AP Recruit enhancements.

More information about the Collaboration:


AP Recruit began as an application available to a single academic department, tailored to that department’s particular needs and business practices. In 2005, the Office of Academic Personnel and the Office of Information Technology at UC Irvine partnered to reconstruct the UCI Information & Computer Science Recruit tool as a campus-wide application, able to meet the broader needs of multiple departments and disciplines. In 2009, IT and AP departments from UC Irvine and UC San Diego partnered to transform AP Recruit into a multi-campus application.