Simon Penny in Paris

Simon Penny in ParisIn April 2014, Professor Simon Penny was Labex Arts-H2H 2014 International Professor at Université Paris 8. He spent the month in residence at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs in Paris where he gave classes, seminars and public lectures, and taught a two week robotics workshop entittled “Code, Morphology and Behavior”.

At the end of the residency, Penny made a lecture tour in England, speaking at the Center for Cognitive Science at the University of Sussex, in the Center for Informatics at University College London, the Interaction Research Studio at Goldsmiths College, and at the University of Exeter to a combined audience of sociologists, geographers, psychologists, critical theorists and art historians. He gave keynotes at the Society for Higher Education Research (London) symposium “Researching the practice interactions of art and science” and at the Found in Translation symposium at the Attenborough Center for the Creative Arts at the University of Sussex. Later in the month he gave the keynote at Rhizope “Art & Science – Hybrid Art and Interdisciplinary Research” conference in Tallinn Estonia.

There is a webpage about the robotics worshop at ENSAD in Paris in April 2014. The image above is from the “Code, Morphology and Behavior” workshop