About the Program

20160729_123419One of the unique strengths of UCI is in convergent interdisciplinary research where teams of scientist and engineers work together to address problems in energy, environment, and human health of national and global concern.  UC Irvine has many established research centers of global prominence housed within the Schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Physical Sciences.  These areas include Beckman Laser and Medical Clinic (BLI), Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP), Chemistry at the Space Time Limit (CaSTL), and the Gross Stem Cell Research Center.

With special funding from the University of California Office of the President, we have teamed with Hampton University (HU) Albany State University (ASU), and Alcorn State University (ALCORN) to establish a collaborative “Access to Careers in Engineering and Sciences (ACES)” Training Program. This program is aimed to serve as a vehicle for your professional development and stimulate your interest in graduate school and pursuit of a career in STEM research and development.

ACES is an 8-week summer training program designed to introduce high-achieving HBCU applicants to the breadth of University of California (UC) graduate programs in the fields of biomedical engineering, biophotonics, chemistry, chemical engineering and other related STEM disciplines. Students will also be invited to participate in additional events throughout the academic year in their home universities. ACES meets an important need driven by the expansion in the UC Graduate student population as well as the rapid growth of job opportunities and innovation in areas such as human health, energy, environment, and sustainability.