Questions & Answers

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Q: Where do I send my questions?

A: Send them to Antoinette, (Jesse is working on a coronavirus-related 3D printing project so is stepping back for now.)

Q: How can I make a midterm survey to see how remote teaching is going for my students?

A: Check out our guide by Antoinette.

Q: How can I get help with remote teaching strategies?

A: Set up a one-on-one meeting with Antoinette. Email her to book a session any afternoon during spring break, 1-4 PM.
Also note that there are a whole bunch of DUE webinars during spring break to learn this stuff. Check the schedule.

Q: How can I get help with technology?

A: Start with Grant Speich, Urgent? Try ArtsHelp: (949) 824-6691,

Q: Where’s that great document about teaching online that Alan Terricciano made?

A: Here.

Q: Do I have to use Canvas?

A: No, but you should. It’s better for the students. It keeps all of their courses in the same place.

Q: Do I have to use Zoom and Yuja?

A: No! Some courses could use Canvas only.

Q: What about VPN? Should I be using it now?

A: Mostly, not. It will tend to slow down your connection. You will only need it to access resources that are restricted to the campus, such as periodicals from UCI Libraries.


Q: How do I make a Canvas space for my course?

A: You really want to do this! Start here. Then work your way through the transition guide as needed.

Q: How do I make announcements and host discussions on Canvas?

A: Canvas Tools for Communication. Thanks, Merage!

Q: Who can help me with Canvas?

A: This is where Antoinette, Jesse and Grant will be the least helpful. The good news is OIT Canvas help is now 24/7.


Q: What’s Zoom for?

Short A: For synchronous meetings.

Long A: Zoom vs. Yuja

Q: How do I set up Zoom?

A: Start Here to sign in to create a UCI Account. Click here to learn how to schedule meetings. Get the dedicated program. Get the phone app too. You need to use your UCI account for full-featured access — like meetings over 40 minutes. 

Q: What are Zoom’s limits?

A: 300 people, unlimited time. You can definitely run a 20 person crit session in Zoom.

Q: How do I change my Zoom background?

A: See here. Thanks Jason! And see here for a snazzy background. Thanks Jaime!

Q: What are some other Zoom best practices?

A: See here, and send us any further tips!

Q: How do I schedule a Zoom meeting?

A: See here. Easiest to do from the dedicated program — it’s the bottom left button.


Q: What’s Yuja for?

Short A: For recording lecture content.

Long A: Zoom vs. Yuja

Q: How do I record a lecture at home with Yuja?

A: Detailed guide by Antoinette.

Q: What if I’m recording from Keynote? With no external monitor?

A: Detailed guide #2 by Antoinette.