Have you ever used “Lorem ipsum”? If so, you’ll likely recognize the placeholder text used to demonstrate where content should go in a print or web design. Have you ever been bored with Lorem ipsum and looked for alternatives? Look no further, if you share a home with cats or just find them funny.

Cat Ipsum


Cat Ipsum website


Cat Ipsum Example Text

Intrigued by the shower

Run in circles hate dog shake treat bag

Stretch intently stare at the same spot or climb leg yet behind the couch or rub face on everything attack feet sweet beast. Stick butt in face under the bed. Destroy couch rub face on everything cat snacks or make muffins yet stretch. Stand in front of the computer screen sleep on keyboard or leave dead animals as gifts chase mice yet need to chase tail, intently sniff hand. Find something else more interesting swat at dog.

Cats not your thing?

Here’s a nifty website with many other ipsums that may peak your interest.