Mailing address: Julie Ferguson
Department of Earth System Science
Croul Hall
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697


Phone number: 949-824-9411

Current position: LPSOE

Institution: UC Irvine (Earth System Science)

Years at institution: 6 (2 as LPSOE and 4 as postdoc))

Courses taught: ESS 1 – Introduction to Earth System Science, 400 students
ESS 3 – Oceanography, 400 students
ESS 5 – Atmosphere, 400-450 students
ESS 19 – Modelling the Earth, 80 students
ESS 21 – On Thin Ice; Climate change and the cryosphere, 350 students
ESS 140 – Advanced Geology, 22 students

Research interests: I still carry out some research in the field of paleoclimate – analyzing the stable isotope and elemental composition of biogenic calcium carbonate e.g. coral, to reconstruct sea surface temperatures, salinities, upwelling and ocean currents for the past.
I am now trying to move into carrying out geoscience education research. Among other things I am interested in the role that large general education geoscience classes can play in changing student attitudes to societally relevant geoscience topics such as climate change, sustainable fisheries. I am also interested in studying how the adoption of the new generation science standards affect the background geoscience knowledge of non-science majors.

Faculty Profile