Anteater Racing ScaleFunder Update: 0 to 60% in one week!

How fast can you go zero to sixty? UCI’s FSAE Racecar “Mantis” can do it in under 3 seconds!

Because of your overwhelming support, we have reached 60% of our fundraising goal in just 1 week! We’re still reaching for an overall goal of $5,000. On behalf of the entire program, we want to thank you so much for your contribution.


Our teams are hard at work preparing the vehicles for competition. Check out our Baja SAE Vehicle “Bandit”!

Over the course of the past 3.5 months the team has collectively logged over 3,300 hours into the project.  We do this because we value the challenge that the BAJA SAE vehicle presents to us.  As time progresses the team continues to triumph over challenges and make forward progress.

This past week, the powertrain team completed the design one of our powertrain guards, the CVT Guard.  We use what is referred to as a Constantly Variable Transmission in our vehicle to maintain the peak power output of our engine at all times. All rotating components are required to be shielded to prevent hands to enter the system as well as to contain all of the components in case of catastrophic failure.

We look forward to competing in Gorman, California, April 27-30!!!