Conference Staff Applications

As a reminder, UCIMUN's 28th annual conference conference will be held in the Spring Quarter, the weekend of April 25-26th, 2020. All those applying to Conference Staff positions (Assistant Director, Administrative Staff/USG of Administration) please keep in mind that attendance of the full conference is mandatory. 

Applications for Conference Staff are now CLOSED. 

  1. Assistant Director Application
    Here at UCI's MUN program, we do not require any previous experience with other MUN programs. Assistant Directors will be responsible for aiding their Directors the weekend of the conference, by helping to score, take notes, and moderate debate. ADs will undergo weekly training throughout Winter Quarter to learn MUN procedures, as well as write two short update papers for their assigned topics.
  2. Administrative Staff Application
    Conference administrative staff will work on organizational, structural and planning-oriented aspects of the conference process. No experience is necessary, and we encourage everyone who wants to take a supportive role at the conference to consider these positions! This application will feature the option to apply for Under-Secretary-General of Administration, which is a leadership role within UCIMUN. While no previous MUN experience is required, applicants with past exposure to administrative tasks will be prioritized. There may be a secondary interview after applications for this role.

Travel Team Applications

The Travel Team Application is now CLOSED for the fall quarter. However, you are still free to attend our meetings if you are interested in attending a conference next quarter!