Topic Synopses and Update Papers

Click on the committee titles to access each committee’s Topic Synopses! In addition, update papers are available below the topic listing so that delegates may remain up to date with events from the beginning of 2019.

Mains Committees

General Assembly (Dual Delegate)

Topic A: Improving Efficiency of Response to Natural Disasters

Topic B: Mediation of Global Crises (Honduras and Israel–Palestine case studies)

Click here for GA’s update paper!


First: Disarmament and International Security

Topic A: Confronting the Growing Threat of Cyberwarfare

Topic B: Reexamining the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

Click here for DISEC’s update paper!


Fourth: Special Political and Decolonization (Dual Delegate)

Topic A: Dispute and Decolonization with a Focus on Western Sahara

Topic B: Reevaluating Peacekeeping Operations

Click here for SPECPOL’s update paper!


Sixth: Legal

Topic A: Evaluating the Scope of Universal Jurisdiction in International Affairs

Topic B: Addressing Legal Protections of Migrants and Irregular Maritime Refugees

Click here for Legal’s update paper!


Specialized Agencies

Environmental Programme

Topic A: Ensuring Sustainable Water Supplies

Topic B: Food Scarcity and Rising Global Populations

Click here for EP’s update paper!


World Health Organization*

Topic A: Addressing the Global Threat of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Topic B: Reducing the Threat of Disease in Zones of Conflict (Yemen Case Study)

Click here for WHO’s update paper!


Security Council*

Topic A: The Role of the Security Council in the Global Refugee Crisis

Topic B: Addressing the Yemeni Civil War

Click here for SC’s update paper!


Historical Security Council (Dual Delegate)*

Topic A: South African Apartheid

Click here for HSC’s update paper!


An asterisk marks crisis committees.