Anteater Racing ScaleFunder Update: 0 to 60% in one week!

How fast can you go zero to sixty? UCI’s FSAE Racecar “Mantis” can do it in under 3 seconds! Because of your overwhelming support, we have reached 60% of our fundraising goal in just 1 week! We’re still reaching for an overall goal of $5,000. On behalf of the entire program, we want to thank […]

Week 10 UPDATE: Fall 2016 Design Review

[slideshow_deploy id=’1080′] Congrats to all our teams on a successful design review! What a great opportunity to show off all the hard work we’ve done this quarter! Feat. our Baja, FSAE, and FSAE Electric teams!

Mantis Week 6 Update

This past Sunday our team decided to host a track day at the 16-H parking lot next to the Ayala Library. Our main objectives for this track day was to teach as many potential drivers how to safely and properly drive our current car, while also testing our new lap time recording device. This device […]

Thor Week 6 Update

For this week, we are still focusing on electrical system design as suggested by the professor. I have been working on the battery box sub-team. For those that who do not know, the battery box is where we are going to keep the high and low voltage system within the racecar. The battery box must […]