Conference Location

Campus map

Most of the relevant information can be found on this interactive campus map.

Student center map


The conference will be in Crystal Cove auditorium on the first day (Monday, June 19) and, starting from Tuesday, all plenary talks will be in the in the Pacific Ballrooms (see schedule) while the Working Group Sessions will be either in Pacific Ballrooms or in the Emerald Bay Rooms A & B.


Getting to the conference location

There will be buses provided by the workshop running from the conference hotel to the UCI student center. In addition, there is a direct OCTA bus connection (line 79) which runs frequently with the travel time being about 30 minutes.

The directions and parking information can be found on this page.


The most convenient parking facility is the Student Center Parking Structure (SCPS) located next to the Conference Venue on Pereira Drive (see map below).

Parking on campus requires a valid parking permit. One day permit costs $10 and can be bought from the parking attendant in kiosk in front of the parking structure. Parking attendants will be there on Monday between 8am and 9am and on other days (Tue-Sat) between 8:10am and 9:10am. In case there is no parking attendant, there is also a machine located in the parking structure where one can purchase a daily ticket. Please note that with a $10 daily ticket, one can only park in spaces that are NOT marked “AR Reserved”.

The cheaper and more convenient option might be to buy a one week permit for $56. It can be bought at the Transportation and Distribution Services Office (Parking Office) which is located at the intersection of East Peltason and Pereira (see map below).

More information about visitor parking rates and rules can be found at


Bus from/to the Newport Beach Marriot Hotel

Each day of the conference there will a bus provided by the workshop that will go between the hotel and the conference site. The bus schedule is the following

Day                        Pickup at the hotel                 Return from UCI to the hotel

Monday                   7:20am                                             6:50pm

Tuesday                   8:00am                                             6:45pm

Wednesday               8:00am                                             6:45pm

Thursday                  8:00am                                     see  Program -> Excursion

Friday                      8:00am                                              6:55pm

Saturday                   8:00am                                             12:50pm

The pickup location at the hotel is Salon D/C (see photo below).