Duty Roster

Roles 01/15/19 01/22/19
Toastmaster Adrian Haymond Bob Hudack
Scheduled Speaker #1 Ambika Vartak Gaby Xiong
Scheduled Speaker #2 Yeoul Na Ambika Vartak
Evaluator #1 Andrew Hill Karla Hill
Evaluator #2 Bob Hudack Adrian Haymond
Table Topics Master Kruthika Bhimsen Pramod Kunju
General Evaluator Gaby Xiong Andrea Bao
Greeter/Vote Counter Karla Hill Yeoul Na
Timer Irene Hsieh Andrew Hill
Grammarian/Ah Counter Pramod Kunju Kevin Bossenmeyer
Inspiration Andrea Bao Irene Hsieh
Hot Seat
Roles 01/29/19 02/05/19 (International Speech Contest)
Toastmaster Andrea Bao Gaby Xiong
Scheduled Speaker #1 Brian Tran Murad Murad
Scheduled Speaker #2 Andrew Hill Pramod Kunju
Evaluator #1 Yeoul Na Bob Hudack
Evaluator #2 Gaby Xiong Adrian Haymond
Table Topics Master Irene Hsieh Tom Wu
General Evaluator Kruthika Bhimsen Ambika Vartak
Greeter/Vote Counter Adrian Haymond Srilatha Adurthi
Timer Bob Hudack Andrea Bao
Grammarian/Ah Counter Ambika Vartak Yeoul Na
Inspiration Pramod Kunju Kruthika Bhimsen
Hot Seat
Roles 02/12/19 (Table Topics Contest) 02/19/19
Toastmaster Bob Hudack Andrew Hill
Scheduled Speaker #1 TBA Jean Bennett
Scheduled Speaker #2 TBA Murad Murad
Scheduled Speaker #3 TBA Kruthika Bhimsen
Evaluator #1 Andrea Bao
Evaluator #2 Bob Hudack
Evaluator #3 Adrian Haymond
Vote Counters Srilatha Adurthi and Andrea Bao Yeoul Na
Timer Sonali Jambhekar Irene Hsieh
Grammarian/Ah Counter Tom Wu
Inspiration Srilatha Adurthi
Hot Seat


Roles 02/26/19 03/05/19
Toastmaster Yeoul Na Ambika Vartak
Scheduled Speaker #1 Tom Wu Irene Hsieh
Scheduled Speaker #2 Adrian Haymond Pramod Kunju
Evaluator #1 Bob Hudack Adrian Haymond
Evaluator #2 Pramod Kunju Bob Hudack
Table Topics Master Gaby Xiong Jean Bennett
General Evaluator Ambika Vartak Kruthika Bhimsen
Greeter/Vote Counter Andrew Hill Andrea Bao
Timer Andrea Bao Yeoul Na
Grammarian/Ah Counter Kruthika Bhimsen Kruthika Bhimsen
Inspiration Sonali Jambhekar Gaby Xiong
Hot Seat
Roles 03/12/19 03/19/19
Toastmaster Kruthika Bhimsen Andrew Hill
Scheduled Speaker #1 Jean Bennett Srilatha Adurthi
Scheduled Speaker #2 Sonali Jambhekar Adrian Haymond
Evaluator #1 Pramod Kunju Bob Hudack
Evaluator #2 Yeoul Na Pramod Kunju
Table Topics Master Tom Wu Jean Bennett
General Evaluator Irene Hsieh Tom Wu
Greeter/Vote Counter Adrian Haymond Yeoul Na
Timer Bob Hudack Gaby Xiong
Grammarian/Ah Counter Ambika Vartak Sonali Jambhekar
Inspiration Andrew Hill Kruthika Bhimsen
Hot Seat
Roles 03/26/19 04/02/19
Toastmaster Adrian Haymond
Scheduled Speaker #1 Bob Hudack
Scheduled Speaker #2 Pramod Kunju
Evaluator #1 Andrew Hill
Evaluator #2 Kruthika Bhimsen
Table Topics Master Srilatha Adurthi
General Evaluator Sonali Jambhekar
Greeter/Vote Counter Andrea Bao
Timer Tom Wu
Grammarian/Ah Counter Kevin Bossenmeyer
Inspiration Yeoul Na
Hot Seat

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