Canvas Scheduler Workflow Enabled

The EEE Team recently enabled a feature in the Canvas calendar called Scheduler Workflow. This change removes the previously-existing Scheduler button from the Canvas interface, and folds that functionality into area where you create a new event in the Canvas calendar.

To create a Scheduler appointment group, go to Calendar and click the + button.

For more on Scheduler Workflow, another institution helpfully posted this:

SpeedGrader update coming on June 23rd

On June 23, the Crocodoc annotation tool within EEE+ Canvas SpeedGrader will be replaced by a brand new annotation tool built in-house by Instructure.

We know that many of our instructors enjoy the convenience of annotating submitted documents in SpeedGrader and Instructure intends for the functionality of the new tool to match that of the former one, with a new, modern interface. All past comments and assignment annotations are expected to carry over into the new interface.

That said, we know that changes to a tool that you use a great deal can cause disruption. The EEE Team has had the opportunity to look at the coming update, and we’ve communicated areas of potential improvement to Instructure.

We also want you to know that, as the people who will be using the tool the most, you are our partners in gathering feedback for Instructure. We welcome the opportunity to amplify your voice so that we can advocate for any fixes or improvements, from small changes to the interface to requests for entirely new features, and everything in between.

You will see the new tool anywhere you previously saw Crocodoc. As you use it, please send any observations to, or call (949) 824-2222.

[RESOLVED] ePortfolios cannot be saved

Update 6/7/2017 10:25AM: Instructure has issued a fix for this issue, and the EEE team has verified that it is now possible to save edits to ePortfolios.

Initial report, 6/6/2017 10:04AM: The EEE Team is tracking an issue with ePortfolios in EEE+ Canvas.

Users cannot currently save edits to new or existing ePortfolios. Please do not use ePortfolios until Instructure issues a fix for the issue.

Our partners at Instructure have not yet shared a timeline for a fix, but we have communicated the criticality of this issue.

We will post updates here as we receive them.