EEE Legacy Retirement FAQ

When was EEE Legacy retired?

Monday, November 30, 2020.

Why was EEE Legacy retired?

Information on the Canvas pilot and decision to retire EEE Legacy is available on both this site’s Background page as well as the UCI Canvas Pilot Project website.

What replaced EEE Legacy?

EEE Legacy was primarily replaced with the Canvas learning management system, along with a variety of homegrown EEE+ tools to augment the learning management system, including a replacement class email system, online evaluations toolkit, and a replacement for MyEEE.

What’s next?

OIT will continue to provide and support the UCI Canvas learning management system, along with the suite of custom developed EEE+ tools. More information about the tools and updates being created by OIT will be provided via Zotmail as well as announcements on EEE+ tools and the OIT website.

What happened to the evaluations data stored on the system?

Evaluations data from EEE Legacy was copied to the EEE+ Evaluations database, and will be made available to users in two ways:

  • In late Fall 2020: a Legacy Reports feature will be available to EEE+ Final Evaluations Manager administrators in the schools and departments.
  • By Spring Quarter 2021: instructors and TAs will be able to retrieve legacy results via the “Download Reports” feature in My Evaluations.
  • Later in 2021: EaterEvals will be updated to provide access to legacy results.

What happened to other data stored on the system?

Any data that users did not export or otherwise retrieve prior to the retirement of EEE Legacy is no longer available.

Throughout the retirement, OIT reached out to users who would be affected by the retirement, with both campuswide and targeted messaging, urging them to download their data from EEE Legacy. Several guides and tools were developed to help facilitate this data export, including both a bulk gradebook downloader and a quiz downloader for instructors.