Fall 2017 Transition Update

As part of the transition to Canvas, the following tools will be placed into a “read only” retired state at the end of Summer 2018. A “read only” retirement state means the tool will still be available to visit for past information, but will no longer update with new information or be available for taking new actions. We encourage faculty, staff, and students to begin transitioning away from these tools and share any feedback or unmet needs during this year-long period, before the tools enter this state

Tools entering “read only” retired state at the end of Summer 2018 are:

  • MyEEE: Used to view class information, access course resources, and view other related UCI information. EEE+ GrandCentral will be enhanced to provide much of the functionality currently in MyEEE for all classes, whether or not they are using Canvas.
  • MyEEE Tasks: Displays a subset of available tasks in EEE Legacy Quiz and other tools. Canvas provides equivalent functionality within course spaces and on the Dashboard.
  • MyEEE Announcements: Allows instructors to distribute short announcements to classes. Canvas provides equivalent functionality within course spaces. The EEE Legacy Class Mailing Lists can also be used for this purpose.
  • EEE Access UCI Rosters: Displays Access UCI enrollment in classes, and provides a link to the Registrar’s WebRoster tool. EEE+ GrandCentral will be enhanced to include this information for all classes, whether or not they are using Canvas.

Each of the above tools also has an in-tool announcement providing access to more information.