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New Summary of California Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2016

Summary of California Greenhouse Gas Emissions for 2000 to 2016, 2018 Edition This report is from the California Air Resources Board. The units used are Million Metric Tons of CO2 equivalent (MMTCO2e), which we will shorten to “CO2” or just … Continue reading

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Climate-Wise Actions for Laguna Beach

Concerned about climate change? Here are some steps Laguna Beach residents (and everyone else) can take to combat climate change and help the environment.  Walk more, drive less. Use the trolley…it’s free.  Turn lights off at home.  Use LED light … Continue reading

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Comparisons of California Utilities 2016 Power Sources and Emissions

Comparisons of California Utilities’ Power Sources and Emissions We compare the Power Content Labels of leading California utilities for 2016 as to their sources.   We also estimate their mean emissions as pounds of CO2 per kiloWatt hour (kWh) of … Continue reading

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Waste Power from Orange County Landfills

Trash collected in Orange County waste management goes to three landfills.  The three landfills have composite liner systems that keeps natural gas contained, and it is removed in wells.  It is then burned in renewable energy power plants, and produces … Continue reading

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