The Tragic Trump Symphony

The Tragic Trump Symphony

While my mind ponders on Trump, I am also trying to learn to play the piano.  It occurs to me that Trump’s moods and actions can be encompassed in a Symphony.  This symphony has three movements:  election, pre mid-term, and pre-reelection race.  We strongly hope that we do not have to write a second symphony.   

But there will be encores.  Rather than Hillary sulking in the woods, or Obama giving his successor room to act, Trump will defend his legacy with the wealth and Heritage Institute of the Koch Brothers and their conservative lawyers.

The first Movement will be called the Conspiracy Movement.  The second, featuring the extravagant tax cut for the extravagantly wealthy, will be called the Extravagant Movement.  The hoped for final movement will be called the Destruction Movement, since it will destroy our government norms and Constitution, yet still be a lame duck.

While the first movement seemed like a harmony of promises and hope for miracles, Trump was just stringing us along.  In honor of the strings, it will be in the simple key of D.  At least 101 Russian themes will be included.

The third Destructive Movement will be all disharmonious, featuring the most sharps, five, or key of C sharp.  This is also equivalent to the most flats, five, or key of D-flat.  Rs will see the sharps as great highlights, but Ds will see all of this as falling flat.  These use all of the black keys, as in Jazz.  So the theme will be Jazz, featuring total innovation and being instantaneous, as Trump has been conducting himself, but yet doubling down in repetition.  The movement will start with a dissonant seventh chord, but instead of resolving, it will end with a greatly diminished seventh chord.  Every consonant major chord struck will be augmented for dissonance.   There will be no resolving chords at the end, just a great cacophony.  No one participating in this orchestra will have any future left to them.  Several, will end up drumming on their prison bars.

Members of the orchestra will be temporarily replaced every time that they hit a wrong note, or are not willing to depart from the score, as directed.  Their replacements will just be acting to know the instrument to which they are assigned.  Lack of qualifications is the main qualification.  It does help if you haven’t played since the Reagan or Nixon orchestras, thus making America Great Again.

We have few ideas of what Trump’s musical tastes are, others than taking advice from Kanye West, and golfing with Ted Nugent, who was wearing pants very disrespectful of the American flag.  Trump’s playlists are all top secret, as are his grades, his taxes, his bank loans, his weight, his health, his affairs, and his true golf handicap, without kicking balls in from the rough.

The recurrent theme dealing with refugees will be saddened to a minor seventh chord, and never resolved.

The counterpoint of the re-election movement so far has 16 declared instruments, but divided into a faction of one replaying the Obama Symphony “Hope”, and the other faction of 15 youngsters copy-catting the song “A Whole New World” in it.  From the Disney movie Aladdin in 1992, the lyrics are:  “A Whole New World, A new fantastic point of view, No one to tell us “no”, Or where to go, Or say we’re only dreaming”.  Except all Republicans.

I have skipped the second or pre-midterm Movement, with its surprise ending, of great triumph of the minority keys, representing women, people of color, and LGBTQ.  We hope this continues through the Presidential election.  While this brought down the House, it made the Senate worse by one vote.  A Democratic takeover of the Senate still looks unlikely.

I now realize that the titling of the Symphony has to be a title of the era.  This is something that I should leave for the great political historians, and also from the viewpoint of its future development.  In the really worst case, it would have to be a trilogy or ring, with The Rise of Trump, The Despot, and The Fall of Trump being the unpoetic descriptions should he continue on for a second or lifelong term, as he openly wishes for.  Or, the third symphony could be The Dynasty of Trump.  Trump is already telling us that there is something wrong with the vote count when Republicans lose, but Trump has the Military and Law Enforcement as backers.  My wife suggests the title:  “The Last Symphony”.

Operas, which I am more familiar with, are mostly tragedies, as are Shakespeare’s plays.  I attribute this to the audiences of past ages suffering through lives of tragedy with no medical care, polluted water, air, and open sewage, wars, monarchies, and great social iniquities.  So this will also be a tragedy.  We are seeing the PBS series Les Miserables now.  The Symphony’s title couldn’t be something grand like Beethoven’s: Third, Eroica (Heroic); the Fifth, the Fate Symphony; the Sixth, The Pastoral; or the Ninth, the Choral, with the Ode to Joy.  On the other hand, Leonard Bernstein’s second is called The Age of Anxiety.  Borodin’s second is the Symphony of Heroes.

The first title that popped into my head was The Art of the Con.  The second suggestion would be one about Crooks, or Petrorule, or the Mob.  A better title following the Obama era would be The Loss of Hope, or The Lost Hope.  Or, I could name it one of the types of -ocracy that I had listed, like The Trump Plutocratic Symphony, like Beethoven’s Heroic Symphony.  I could say that time will tell, but it has already told us the outcome.

Maybe I should rename the first Movement The Divided Campaigns, accounting for the Democratic split between Clinton and Sanders, and the split between Trump and the standard Republicans.  The Democratic split looks like it is now part of the party.  In the Republicans, independence has disappeared.

With the second Movement, while Tchaikovsky in The Nutcracker had the dances from different countries in his ballet, I thought of a list of all of the Ambassadorships that Trump has sold to unqualified and conflicted campaign or inauguration contributors.  I would have to settle for one from each continent.  Also, as in Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Modern Major General”, I could include a list of the industrial lobbyists or incompetent Fox News commentators to whom Trump has given regulatory commissions.

I hadn’t realized how much has to go into a symphony, without even composing any notes yet.  I should start with composing Trump’s theme, after reviewing Darth Vader’s theme.  Trump does, after all, choke up his critics.  The musical theme playing in my mind comes from the Phantom of the Opera.

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We’ve All Spent Three Years Spying on Donald Trump, and It Has Been Horrendous

We’ve All Spent Three Years Spying on Donald Trump, and It Has Been Horrendous

We know he prefers crooks and extreme loyalists.

We know of his porn star affair that he paid to cover up.

We know of his year long playmate affair that his buddy covered up.

We have the bus tape confession of his always trying to assault women.

We know he was always a millionaire.

We know he will do anything not to pay taxes.

We know know that he is under investigation for undervaluing his property for taxes.

We know he is a business failure in bankruptcies.

We know American banks would no longer finance him, and he is being investigated for Russian financing.

We know that he fought for Trump Tower Moscow up until the election.

We know he violates due process and interferes in every Department of Justice action he wants to.  “Lock Her Up.”

We know he seeks out the most unqualified and partisan politico for every appointment.  Attorney General William Barr being the Piece de Resistance.

We know he fires anyone restraining him with things like humanity or legality.

We know that he constantly spills the beans publicly.  “Mr. Putin, if you are listening”.  And firing Comey because of Russia.

We know that his lackeys had over 100 contacts with Russia during the campaign, most of which they forgot to declare for some reason.

We know that Trump conveniently forgot who David Duke to now Julian Assange were.  And everyone indicted just brought him coffee.

We know that Trump has told almost 10,000 lies in office.

We know that Trump goes into rages and curses at his underlings.  Normally, that would get any government supervisor fired.

We know that Trump has threatened the press and reporters personally, and that he calls them “The Enemy of the People”.

We know that Trump now calls all of his detractors “Traitors”.

We know that Trump had dishonored “National Emergencies” and violated the Congresses  Constitutional “Power of the Purse”.

We know that Trump has dishonored National Heroes who have opposed him.

We know that Trump has destroyed almost all Republican politicians who stood up to him, and cowed the rest of the Republicans.

We know that Trump will do anything to suppress minority voting.

We know that Trump has had several secret, unaccounted, and unrecorded talks with our greatest international enemies, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

We know Trump seems to prefer political appointees with sexual assault histories.

We know Trump prefers dictators, and demeans our loyal allies.

We know Trump cancels all humanitarian and foreign aid programs, even ones that are of help to us in preventing infectious diseases or caravans of refugees.

We know Trump blows dog whistles for violence toward his enemies.

We know Trump hates science, and climate change that could affect his petrogarch (coal, oil, and gas) backer’s bottom line.

We know that Trump openly tries to intimidate witnesses.

We know that Trump will toss anybody under the bus instead of accepting responsibility himself.

We know that Trump never forgets a grudge, and never hesitates to retaliate.

We know that Trump mistrusts everybody in the government, starting with the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the Department of Defense.

Who cares if there was additional spying (which there wasn’t).

But worst of all, we know that 90% of Republicans will still support Trump!

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Trump Dreams of Mar-e-Luna

Trump Dreams of Mar-e-Luna

This is an article of non-science fiction, since science is ruled out in Trump’s dreams.  Trump wants to colonize the moon, where he has his typical dream of opening another Trump International Golf Course.  In this case, Trump will up the title to the “First Trump Galactic Golf Course”.  Since Trump’s course is enclosed by an atmosphere it could only be the size of a putting green.  To save bringing a gardener to the moon, the green would be astroturf, which is appropriately named. 

Par should be one or two, but Trump would make it three, so that he could usually be under par.  Trump would of course be the first player.   He would play until he finally hit a hole in one, and could claim the first course record.  

I looked up a calculation of the possible length of a drive on the moon, which is 2.5 miles, and was reminded that astronaut Alan Shepard actually did drive a golf ball on the moon.  The ball would stay aloft for 70 seconds.  This makes golfing tough, since you couldn’t even see the hole at that distance.  Also, the ball could bounce and roll a large distance without grass to slow it down.  Dimpled balls wouldn’t be necessary since there is no air to grab onto to provide lift.  There would also be no effect from sliced balls curving.  Also, without air friction to slow the ball and bring it down, they would fly a real parabola.  GPS signaling balls could radio back how far that they went.  And that was how the moon got covered with anaerobic bacteria.

Since billionaires are planning private space trips, including to orbit the moon or even landing on it, Trump would provide their hotel Mar-e-Luna.  (That is the one place where Trump could be accurately called a “Lunatic”.). The moon’s gravity is only 1/6 of that of earth.  So Trump at 240 pounds on earth would only weigh 40 pounds on the moon.  Magnetic boots would be required, so that people wouldn’t hit their heads when they walk with a bounce.  Trump could also not practice his second favorite sport, lofting paper towel rolls as if they were basketballs.  Which reminds us that basketball hoops would have to be so high that your aim would never score a basket.  Holding onto the hoop in a dunk would be much easier.

Of course, no cooking can take place in a pure oxygen atmosphere.  So Trump’s “best chocolate cake on Earth” would have to be served from a tube, as the “best chocolate cake on the moon”. 

While trying to relieve our political stress with some humor, I looked up how the moon got associated with mental illness, or “lunacy”.  Unfortunately, it turned out that the Miriam-Webster word of the day was “despot”.  Also, definition 2 was “wild foolishness” and “extravagant folly”, with definition 3 being “a foolish act”.  No, you just can’t make this stuff up.  My definition of “lunacy” would be trying to find something humorous about Trump. 

Trump would rule the moon and not have any taxes to pay.  (If he actually paid any taxes on earth.). 

Nobody would own individual “lune” buggies on the moon, but would be driven automatically by self driving ones with terrain avoidance guidance. 

Since the moon keeps the same side facing the earth, Trump will always be able to look down, or up, at the earth.  Although the earth will now be seen as going through phases of day and night, with the 28 day cycle.  However, the earth rotates daily.  But light on the moon would be 14 days of daytime, and then 14 days of nighttime.  That would be hard to adjust to.  When we Earthlings have “super-moons”, when the moon is closest to earth, Lunalings would have “super-earths”.

The only “weather” on the moon would be the rather serious solar storms causing particle radiation.  Since there is no ozone layer to screen out ultraviolet light, any exposure without UV filters would be harmful.  No more directly looking at the sun, Donald.  And you would need constant cooling when in sunlight with your moon-suit, and constant heating when on the dark night side.  As well as lighting.

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Trump’s Narcissistic Moon Landing Disaster

Trump’s Narcissistic Moon Landing Disaster

Trump is speeding up the Man Moon Landing from 10 years plus needed delays to six years max.  This is purely to satisfy his EGO to have the glory of the landing occur before the end of his magnificent second term.

Trump will also gain from this year, which is the 50th anniversary of the first manned moon landing of Apollo 11, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” by Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin, on July 20, 1969.  There are events planned all year to celebrate this.  

I am not predicting a disaster, which may be avoided because modern computer guidance and simulations, and 50 years of space experience gives us a much safer program than before.  But overriding safety schedules to reduce a ten year program to six when not really needed for other than EGO satisfaction, is itself a disastrous way to proceed.  Add to this the latest risk that to meet the EGO’s schedule, VP Pence announced that they may abandon the Boeing Space Launch System and its Orion crew capsule for a Elon Musk SpaceX Falcon Heavy rockets.  President Trump has directed NASA headed by Jim Bridenstine to land on the moon “by any means possible”.  This is the second path to a safety disaster.

We don’t know if the VP’s announcement was preceded by lengthy analysis and discussions with Boeing and SpaceX, and if they have definite plans to meet the schedule.  That wouldn’t be typical of the way Trump has been acting lately.  In general, Trump has been cutting regulations and therefore human safety in all areas of government, even if they are required by law, with the best scientific input.  This would be another disaster of Trump’s program.  The Apollo program was announced by Jack Kennedy in 1961, in a race to catch up with the USSR in space flight.  So it took them 8 years.  Six missions landed on the moon.

The rush for the announcement was also since India will hopefully land a rover with analysis this month.  The US will launch a lander, and China will return samples this year. South Korea, Japan, Germany, and Russia will also land by the end of 2023.  Russia, Japan, and China plan crewed landings in the 2030.  Trump wants to beat that by 4 or 5 years, but even the standard schedule could get us there by 2029, and we would still be competitive.

We have learned a lot from moon rocks, and have just opened up another cache of them for analysis.  We have seen from the Mars rovers and drillers, that you can explore planets with rovers, even from vast distances away.  Soon, rovers will land on the moon to begin cheaper and faster exploration.  That will be six or possible ten years before the actual US manned landings.  Much more can be returned from the moon by unmanned landers, than having to also carry back men and their support supplies.  This is the third disaster by Trump’s program.  It’s not even clear what science will be learned, much less what is needed or advanced by manned exploration.  

Today is a landmark.  After a century of knowing about black holes, we have taken a picture of one. At the heart of M87.  This rushed mission is a monetary and engineering black hole, diverting our best efforts from clean energy, where it is really needed.  We also need to plan for massive aid and displacement programs when more effects of climate change occur in the US and around the world.  This is the fourth disaster of Trump’s program.

I read that Trump had originally asked NASA if we could land a man on Mars in two years, obviously for the 2020 election.  This is not the way to do scientific or even space exploration.

Is the main reason to go back to the moon just because China and other countries are going there?  If it is to establish our scientific preeminence, that can easily be done by Trump not cutting the science budget, but actually increasing it.  It can also be done by reaffirming our commitment to the Paris Climate Accords, and recognizing the universal acceptance of climate science, and acting on previous sustainability goals.  This will actually benefit not only ourselves but all the other people on the planet.  On the other hand, wasting trillions of dollars on manned moon landings and then continuously supporting a manned colony there at one spot, and looking to men on Mars, when the world needs trillions invested in clean energy in the next two decades is utter foolishness.   This is the fifth disaster of Trump’s moon program.  And to do it just to satisfy the EGO and political ambitions of Trump is ridiculous.  

After six more years of climate change enhanced storms, floods, heat waves, droughts, polar vortex winter freezes and world climate refugee flows, it may well be that most of the American people can no longer stand for Trump’s climate change denial.

We have to ask why did Trump let VP Mike Pence announce this program?  This is pure speculation on my part, but Trump senses the risks involved, and would rather have the blame fall on Pence.  Of course, if it is a success, Trump will take full credit.

Trump’s reelection strategy is to claim that he is the only one who can solve our problems, but he is putting off the solution until he is reelected with a Republican House.  Not that he is letting the House put any crimp on what he can do with Executive Orders, comprehensive National Emergencies, and 5,000 got-his-back political appointees.  He may even excite us with his moon program to win the 2020 election.

It’s time to make sure that sanity guides our future.

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Dear Donald: Windmills Do Not Cause Cancer; Narcissists Do!

Dear Donald:  Windmills Do Not Cause Cancer; Narcissists Do!

At the National Republican Congressional Committee Trump made one of his “they say that” lies that windmill’s noise (whrr, whrr, with circling hand, our President acted out) causes cancer.  While living under a windmill might lower your property value by 75% as he claimed, we have windmills in the desert passes, over Midwest farmlands with only cows or crops present, and eventually off shore.

I’m serious about the Narcissist  thing.  Trump seems to weekly use a tanning machine.  You can see it when he has total white rings around his eyes where he put on the goggles for his tanning machine.  That is the first Narcissism which can cause cancer.  The next is when he golfs.  He never wears a wide brimmed hat in the sun to protect his face from skin cancer, just a cap that either says MAGA or USA.  Narcissism 2.  Then, he never hides his gorgeous face with sun glasses to protect his eyes, especially from ultraviolet light.  Narcissism 3.  Fortunately, solar eclipses are rare, since Trump stared directly at the sun without sun blockers, since he doesn’t need such protection as others do.  Narcissism 4.

However, now that Trump has tried to removed smokestack cleaners for smog particles, he is sentencing Americans who live in any major city nearby to early death by heart disease and lung cancers.  Trying to slow the alternative adoption of wind power also now causes more cancer.  This protects Trump’s coal backers and voters in coal mining states.  Furthermore, poor and minority people are more exposed to major roads and coal power plants.  Trump’s halting of future fuel economy standards will also cause more smog, deaths, and asthma suffering.  This is to please his oil backers who will fund his re-election.  Narcissism’s 5 and 6.

Let’s never forget, that during a campaign debate, Trump said he heard of a case that somebody became autistic after taking a vaccine.  Almost all kids get vaccinated.  And some become autistic.  Therefore, some kids who become autistic will do it sometime after a vaccine.  Trump did not find out how long after the vaccine the autism was diagnosed.  Kids take vaccines as often as every few months.  Trump fell into a standard fallacy of logic:  After it, therefore because of it.  Trump should have declared a National Emergency to get all kids vaccinated.  Pretending he knows more than anybody else, Narcissism 7.  

Texas has by far the largest amount of wind power, developed under the oversight of former Republican Governor Rick Perry, who is now Trump’s Secretary of Energy.  If you or I passed on that some people say that windmills cause cancer, it is one thing, and unimportant.  But when the President of the United States passes this on, when he has not only all of the government scientists and advisors to call on, but also the National Academy of Sciences and the American Medical Association, and any doctor in the country, it is impermissible!

It may be that farm workers in states with wind farms have cancers.  First, this is because there are not health plans for farm workers.  Many are also seasonal undocumented immigrants, and Trump has done nothing to legitimize their use.  Finally, Trump has removed plans to ban harmful poisons, which may also be carcinogenic.  This is to obtain funding from the chemical industries.  Narcissism’s 8, 9 and 10.

Trump must have heard that the use of pesticides on golf courses is four to seven times as much per acre as farm land.  The New York Toxic Fairways study of 1995 found that course superintendents had elevated levels of cancer, respiratory, and neurological diseases.  They had elevated mortality due to brain cancer, Parkinson’s, and non-Hodgkins lymphoma.  This could also affect those living near golf courses.  20% of the applied pesticides were possible or probable human carcinogens.  Narcissism 11.  So the old phrase:  those who run golf courses shouldn’t tee off on windmills.  It should be noted that Grounds Maintenance Newsletter disputes these studies, but emphasizes to observe the directions about waiting times to restart golfing after pesticide treatments.  An NIH study shows that most of the 400,000 ground maintenance workers at 16,000 golf courses are not well trained.  They are mostly Latino, and speak Spanish.

Trump also exaggerated bird deaths from wind farms.  First of all, they are not built near trees with birds, nor along bird flyways.  Yet Trump will even extinct bird species with his removal of natural protective areas for all wildlife, and allowing mining and oil drilling and natural gas fracking.  It can’t be healthy for birds flying in smokestack gases and smog, or eating insects or berries  from insecticide sprayed areas.  Again for backing from petrogarchs.  Narcissism’s 12, 13 and 14.  The earlier springs caused by global warming have also put newly hatched birds our of sync with the appearance of caterpillars on which they can be fed.  For denying climate science, because he has an innate science capability, Trump gets Narcissism 15.

Please VP Pence, if you are listening, this is your best chance to activate the 25th Amendment.  Unless Trump, say, becomes totally confused and starts babbling about how his father came from Germany, instead of the Bronx.  Then, you surely have to remove him.  It is also sad, very very sad, that nobody at the NRCC dinner booed or tried to correct his lies.  Or walked out.

It only now occurs to me that I have been suppressing the obvious analog of Don Quixote tilting at windmills.  While it seems obvious that Trump is actually tilting at windmills as his evil adversary, it also seems like bloggers, scientists, reporters, and informed citizens are the ones actually tilting against Trump and the fossil fuel billionaires, and finding a plethora of  swamp creatures that they have installed for us to uselessly confront.  Who is Sancho Panza?  There is nothing comedic about Trump’s White House assistants or Mitch McConnell and his subservient Republican Senators.

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April 1st: Trump Becomes Sane, Truthful, Empathetic, and Supports Science

April 1st:  Trump Becomes Sane, Truthful, Empathetic, and Supports Science

I had a dream that Trump awoke one day, and became sane, decided to tell the truth, felt caring for those he inconveniences, and decided to support climate science, other sciences, and government science advisors.

There are three historical cases at least of once mentally ill rulers becoming sane and rational.  The oldest is Nebuchadnezzar II, King of Babylon, c. 605 BC – c. 562 BC.  He destroyed Solomon’s Temple in the Book of Kings and the Book of Jeremiah, and took the Hebrews to Babylon in 587 BC.  In the Book of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar was mad for seven years, until he converted to Judaism, after which the Jews were released.

Another literary character is King Lear of Shakespeare’s play.  He gives his kingdom to his two evil daughters, and goes mad when they betray him.  When rescued, his madness vanishes.

King George III of England and Ireland was king from 1760-1820, during the American Revolution.  He was mad off and on, until it became permanent, and he was then replaced by his son as Prince Regent in 1810, until he became George IV.  George III was thought to be bipolar or having porphyria.

April Fools:  Trump is not going to act sanely and truthful.  Trump was trained all of his life to rent or sell property with any lies and exaggerations that he could dream up.  He became a billionaire doing this.  He was also taught to avoid renting or selling to any minorities, and was even fined for this.  This is totally ingrained in his character.

I used to debate whether Trump believed everything that he said, or knew that he was telling lies to his core followers.  I now realize that there is a third possibility. What Trump learned from an imaginary book:  “The Art of The Con” is that a truly great con requires that you not just know and act like you believe the con, it requires that you ACTUALLY BELIEVE the con itself.  You stick to the story, do everything that you would do if the con were true, and threaten all who you see are opposing you.  Doing this your entire life of 72 years, and it actually becomes TRUE in your own mind.  Trump has never faltered in doing this.

Sorry for such a cruel April Fools joke, but you just can’t pass up Trump on April Fools Day.  This is in response to Trump’s plan to start colonizing the Moon before his second term is over, despite the enormous expense involved, and the rushed schedule, only to satisfy his ego historically.

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Climate Science Opposition has Gone PR

Climate Science Opposition has Gone PR

The Republican Oilgarch enrichers have gone PR using Basic American Values.  Instead of defeating decades of highly technical science observations and climate models with a snowball from Hell, they have hired PR professionals.  Of course, what they ended up with would be obvious to any child.

So now, climate change mitigators are accused of:  taking away our cows, our steaks, our hamburgers, our milk, our cottage cheese, our cheeses, our ice cream, and especially, our malts.  Never mentioned, is that we will also be less obese.  Today, I passed a Chick-fil-A restaurant with its signature inflated cow saying “eat mor chikin”.  It is not true that we have to give up all meat to save methane emissions, and become vegetarians.  Beef emissions in the US are about 5 times that of dairy, poultry, pork, and eggs, each.  They total about 20% of US greenhouse gas emissions.

Next, they are going to take away our airplanes, as Donald says, or, er, your right to fly and see the world, when he realizes that his rally audiences don’t own their own jets as Donald and his friends do.  Actually, much of our travel is unnecessary in this age of easy and free communication.  And tourist places are just mob scenes now.  Flying actually generates less than 2% of greenhouse gas emissions.  But Donald, sole passenger of the most equipped jet, Air Force one, who flies to Florida and his rallies at our expense, sets the worst example.  At the same time, he tells us plebeians that jets are unsafe, since they are too automated.  And, the FAA is not run by his personal pilot.

Also, you are going to have to give up your trucks and giant cars.  That is to say, THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR TRUCKS and SUVS.  Of course, they aren’t told that smog would be gone, people will live longer, they would save money on gas, and electric cars accelerate better than many  gas guzzlers.

In Trump world, nobody is told that climate change will create massive refugee flows from failed crops from droughts and flooded river delta , plagues of locusts, and other catastrophes of biblical proportions.

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Take It To The Limit, One More Time — Trumpomania

Take It To The Limit, One More Time — Trumpomania

One thing about the mentally unbalanced, is that they take their irregular behavior to the limit, again and again.

The title, is of course that of an Eagles Song, from 1975, written by Randy Meitner, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey.

In just a few weeks, Trump took his Wall to a National Emergency, then grabbed the Power of the Purse from the Congress, where it Constitutionally resides.  When both houses of Congress passed legislation cancelling the National Emergency, Trump issued his first “VETO” of his term, and took the money from the starved military, in Trump’s words.  Now that Trump won, we should call it his First National Emergency.

Besides that, Trump took the favorably designed Barr public brief of the Mueller report, and immediately created the most dismissive and massive lie of his term by saying that the report totally exonerated him, which even the 4 page summary was explicit in stating that it did Not Exonerate on the question of obstruction of justice.  Then, he took it to the MAX charging anyone with honest reporting on it with Treason.

Now, he has force the DOJ to agree with the Texas ruling to completely abolish or MAX out Obamacare.  And also claim that he can and will replace it with something better.

But, why is he wasting all of this retaliation on the long-past 2016 election?  Because he is the elephant who can never forget.  I’m sure he will attack all of the 2020 candidates, as will the Senate, as it had done to Hillary Clinton.

Oh well, there is next week to not look forward to…

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The Purge Begins

The Purge Begins

Update, the next morning, Tuesday, March 26.  The New York Post has put out a sarcastic playoff chart of 32 news or entertainment people which it calls Mueller Madness, as in the March Madness NCAA basketball playoff.  You pick your bracket, and the vote the winner at  Eight personalities appear for each of the divisions of CABLE, NETWORK, PRINT, or TWITTERATI.  The winner is called THE WORST.  These 32 will be the real heroes of this mad Trump era.  Donald Trump Jr. retweeted this, making it totally official for the Administration.   I’m sure he “loved it” as he did the offer of Russian dirt on Hillary.

Actually, I had been comparing the coming purge to the HUAC purge of communists.  There is a connection to Trump!  Trump chose as his legal mentor Roy Cohn, who aided McCarthy.  Cohn taught Trump to always fight back and sue.

I’m surprised that they did not include Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” with the defining line for the Trump Administration:  “The truth, you can’t handle the truth.”

Also, Trump sent a letter to “News Producers” not to schedule Democratic leaders as guests.  This also violates the First Amendment Freedom of Association.

This is like a horror film.  Or a standard script in the rise of a dictator.  Trump, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Fox presenters, and some Republicans, want to purge from public life and committee positions, any Democrat or media person who reported on what was happening during the Mueller investigation and the associated court cases.  Trump could have just walked away with his self-declared exoneration, and told others to let it be.  But not the Great Avenger!

These purges are frightening when they occur under would-be or established dictatorships, but are amazingly scary in our America, especially when so many pile on to support it, and when led from the White House.  That should be grounds for impeachment itself.  It violates freedom of speech, freedom of the press, due process, and laws of slander.  Because it comes with declarations of treason, and the press being the enemy of the people.

Oddly, this comes just days after Trump signs an Executive Order demanding that campuses support Federal regulations on free speech, which they already do.

By the way, nobody in Congress or the Press or the Public, and probably in the White House itself, has seen the actual Mueller report.  It will be several weeks of purging until we find out even the Barred work-over or possible white-washing of the report, as indicated by the Attorney General’s immediate letter and dropping of all future prosecutions, after only two days of examination.  We have no idea of how deep the report has been seen and considered in the Justice Department.

While the Mueller group had the highest professional standards with no leaks, nobody saw the Trump and Republican and Fox News Inquisition coming.  That may well grab some the wrong way (literally), tempting those who see a possible blatant white-wash to drop off a flash drive somewhere.

Since Trump and his convicted campaign crooks have suffered so much, sob, sob, we can see the ground being laid for their pardons.

To get an idea whether to trust our new Attorney General William Barr, he just filed to the Supreme Court to get rid of Obama Care, cutting medical care for 21 million people.  So far, the Trump Administration has cut 7 million people from Obamacare.  The total would then be 28 million people.

In any case, everybody in the media and political spectrum has to be held accountable to denounce a purge in this land of the Constitution and American Freedoms.

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To “Not Exonerate”, or to Not “Not Exonerate”, That is the Question

To Not Exonerate or to Not Not Exonerate, That Is The Question


My boys let me off, and the first thing I did was to lie about it – Donald Trump

Donald “Not Exonerated” Trump Lies as the Mueller Report is Barred

Trump Goes Bonkers

The above were some of the alternative possible titles of this article.

First of all, Attorney General Barr’s appointment was just in time to judge the early submission of the Mueller report.  Barr was chosen as the one lawyer to write publicly that the investigation was improper.  No surprise that he only released his own judgement that Trump could not be prosecuted.

Second, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was kept on, to rule that the president did not collude by firing Comey.  Convenient, since Rosenstein wrote the letter firing Comey and would face the same charges.  

So, having fixed the judgement of the report with loyal Republicans, Trump, of course, called for investigation of the Democrats who worked on the report.

Trump counterattacks by calling his Democratic opponents “Traitors”.  Way beyond the norm, and the Due Process fifth amendment, as usual for Trump.

While there was no evidence that Trump or his associates had direct contact with Russians influencing our elections, the Russian interference was illegal.  Trump’s response was to influence the Israeli elections by inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House and giving Israel possession of the Golan Heights.  This was just two weeks before the Israeli election.  Trump also emphasized that he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing it as the capital of Israel.  So, Trump maximally moved to provide foreign interference in the Israeli election.  And Netanyahu colluded in this foreign influence.  I won’t even mention the charges against Netanyahu, since I haven’t been following that issue, and I shouldn’t interfere in the politics of a foreign country.

Trump wanted all the credit for this alone, so he pre-announced it himself.  No evidence that Trump consulted with the State Department, nor what their recommendation or reasoning was.  No evidence that Trump sought Advice and Consent, or even Advice, from the Senate, which rules on foreign treaties.  Nor evidence that Trump consulted with the Republican Party.  This after calling the Democratic Party anti-Semitic.

Did I forget to mention Trump’s interference in Brexit?

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