Are Trump’s Failures to Register as Multiple Foreign Agents High Crimes?

Are Trump’s Failures to Register as Multiple Foreign Agents High Crimes?

Is believing foreign dictators over all US intelligence agencies, and misinforming the government and the American people, acting as an agent for these foreign governments?  

I think the answer is definitely yes, since both Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and National Security Advisor General Flynn have been prosecuted for this.  So it is pretty evident now that Trump believed foreign dictators over US intelligence, and tried to influence the government and the American people with the foreign viewpoints.

I don’t have to pick out all such instances, but a few stick out as Trump’s sore “thumbs up” signals.

For Russian President Vladimir Putin, this starts with dropping Russian sanctions from the Republican platform.  Then secretly negotiating for a Trump Moscow tower, up to the election.  Then 101 Campaign contacts with Russians, including Wikileaks, meant to influence the election. Then taking Putin’s word that he did not hack the DNC, DNCC, and John Podesta, and publish those emails.  Then Putin or some other Russian telling Trump that Crimeans and Eastern Ukrainians prefer to be with Russia.  Trump also said this about Estonia.

Then, North Korea’s Kim Jung Un.  Then, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and future King for life, Mohammed bin Salman, on the Khashoggi murder.  Then Turkey’s dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  Trump has not spoken about sanctions to Egypt’s new dictator until possibly 2034, nor his election by 97% of the vote, President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, nor on his purges of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Nor sanctions when China’s President Xi Jinping was declared President for Life.

So, Trump could be an unregistered foreign agent to seven dictators, but who is counting.  In the old days, like for Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, even one country was enough for charges of being an unregistered foreign agent to be filed.

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Confused by Trump: Too Much to Write About

Confused by Trump:  Too Much to Write About

Between Trump and AOC, there are too many topics to write about.  So I will just list the crucial short lines or paragraphs from what I would have written on the topics.

Trump’s Two Trillion Dollar Deficit:  While the military budgets have been at $700 billion-ish as Trump claimed, that was an increase of $200 billion-ish from their previous $500 billion-ish budgets.  The total increase for two years was about $400 billion, only a fifth of the $2,000 billion deficit increase under Trump, and not an excuse for the whole Republican largesse.

The $11 billion dollar cost of the 35 day shutdown.  This is presumably just a loss to the economy, and not an indication of the financial agony of the 800,000 unpaid workers during that period, including the 400,000 furloughs.  It also may not include the 3 million government contractors, some of whom may also have been unpaid, and many of whom were left in limbo, like research scientists and their student assistants.  That could have funded 850,000 one year scholarships to a state university.

The fact that the status of 700,000 DACA and the total of 2 million Dreamers were not included in the government refunding bill.

When Trump was dissing about extended family immigration, I hope that Melania and her parents and sister weren’t there.

It’s odd that Amazon’s withdrawal of Amazon 2.0 in Trump’s New York City, including executive clients for Trump’s Tower, occurred a week after a possible link was discovered to Trump associates in Jeff Bezos’ blackmail by the National Enquirer. 

Rather than having the entire multi-trillion dollar and decades long plans of the Green New Deal being drawn up in the tiny office of a single freshman representative, maybe it would be better to have the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering gather inputs from thousands of scientists and engineers, in a permanent, government independent agency, to plan and direct a nationwide solution to the Clean Energy problem.  Brains and Plans rather than a Political Fireworks Show.

The other problem with Federal climate action, is that energy grids are regional, utilities can be local, and states, like California, want to make their own regulations.  Energy resources, especially renewables, are local.  Like large hydro, solar power, wind areas, and offshore winds, which still have to be experimented with and  developed until you get into economies of scale.  The pure renewables scenario is still unreachable in modeling.  It is unreasonable to give up already built nuclear power, which is largely paid off, and provides the US with 20% clean energy.

In planning to examine the effect of climate change on Trump Organization holdings, in detail, the first of his 17 golf courses that I looked at in Palos Verdes, south of Los Angeles, proved hilarious.  The previous golf course there went bankrupt, after the 18th hole slid into the ocean.  You just can’t make this stuff up!  

I have discovered that I am only 105 miles North of Tijuana, where the National Emergency exists.  I was worried until I looked up that there are 23,000 troops in the California National Guard.  And I remembered that the highway to the border goes through the western Marine Corps base of Camp Pendleton, with a daytime population of 70,000.  I guess that I can hold out here for a few more days.

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The Trump Organization and its Climate Exposure

The Trump Organization and its Climate Exposure

I’m fed up with Trump’s kindergarten climate baiting of Democrats on cold days.  The latest being Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who had the guts to go on schedule announcing her candidacy in a snowstorm.  Remember when Trump skipped veteran’s memorials of D-Day because it was raining?

Trump is, in fact, the proverbial person living in a glass tower throwing snowballs.  He is highly exposed to climate change.  It’s hard to imagine, that hidden within his Trump Organization, responsible people have not made an assessment of their vulnerability to climate change.  In fact, we know that he has received permission to build high surf barriers on two of his Irish golf courses.

It’s hard to know Trump’s full exposure to his 540 naming contracts, unless we see his voluminous tax returns.  Oh, I forgot, all of his properties are labeled by the enormous Trump signs, in gold, no less.

Let’s start with his Las Vegas hotel and casino.  It is 44ºF there now, going down to a low of FREEZING tonight at 32ºF.  It is also snowing there!  So much for teasing Amy from your glass tower.  Not a lot of Angelinos going there to enjoy walking on the Strip and soaking in the pool.  In the summer, his guests will be able to enjoy, with climate change, temperatures in excess of 110ºF and longer heat waves.  I would have gone to sightsee parks near Vegas last summer, but it was way too hot.  (Politically, I would not have stayed in his hotel.).  Also, the heating and air conditioning costs of his hotel will surge.

Now lets think of going to New York and vacationing or settling in his Trump Tower (I’m kidding of course.)  Since climate change has loosened the cold polar vortex upon us, nobody wants to vacation in New York during those periods.  In summer, it should be hotter, and with even higher humidity than already is unbearable.  Again, fewer guests or settlers.  And higher air conditioning charges.  There are 11 Trump Luxury Hotels on the web, with the apt motto for his administration:  “Never Settle”.

Now lets look at Trump’s International golf clubs.  No, the 18th hole is not so far away that it is in another country.  Maybe it means that the funding comes from Russia through Deutschesbank.  Starting with the New York and New Jersey clubs, it is colder in the winter as explained above, and unbearably humid in the summer.  After Hurricane Sandy, any courses with the coastal view will have to be protected.  Plus, Trump’s own imposed offshore oil drilling, which will endanger all of the nearby ocean resorts.  Except, of course, for Florida, which he exempted.  It is now established that storms will carry more rain, so have fun chipping out of the muddy sand traps.  And tromping through the soaked fairways.  And watching your long putts halting short on the soaked greens.  Especially in the ruts left by Trump lazily driving his golf cart onto his greens.  (Trump holds 17 worldwide golf courses.)

In Trump’s Florida golf club, their will be fewer golfable days, with extended hurricane damage, and a lengthened hurricane season, due to warmer ocean and Gulf water temperatures.  Trump will finally have to learn how to close an umbrella.

Trump once had marketed Trump wines, unscreened by himself, who never drinks.  Vineyards are threatened by climate change, with freezes and excess rainfall on the hillsides.  Trump marketed steaks, which will be disfavored as we cut down on methane emissions from cows.

Trump’s loan sources from the Middle East oil countries are at stake now that the US has taken over the lead in oil, with oil from fracking.  The world will be cutting down oil consumption to fight climate change, and hopefully, someday, switching to electric cars, or cutting down unnecessary commuting.  The same with Russian oilgarchs.  The same with Trump’s oil backers from Texas and Oklahoma, and his coal backers.

As often occurs, those who most deny climate change, are actually the ones most affected by it. 

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Democratic Primary Delegates are 40% Super Tuesday, and Only 4.3% February and 1.1% Iowa!

Democratic Primary Delegates are 40% Super Tuesday, and only 4.3% February and 1.1% Iowa!

Clearly, this is an appeal for the multitude of Democratic candidates to pay most of their attention to the 46 states that aren’t in the February primaries.  There are many problems in America which have to be addressed all over the country.

That’s the message, now for all of the boring numbers, starting top down.  In the 2020 Democratic Primaries and Caucuses, there are 4,532 total delegate votes.  Of these, 3,768 are pledged, and 764 are unpledged.  The unpledged are not really superdelegates, since they now cannot vote on the first ballot, if it is contested.  If the first ballot does not determine the nomination, then they can vote in subsequent ballots.  They are 17% of the total vote.

Of the 3,768 pledged ballots, 2,437 or 64.7% (about 2/3) are district chosen delegates, and 841 or 22.3% are at large delegates.  490 or 13.0% are PLEO (Party Leaders and Elected Officials) delegates. 

The eleven March 3rd Super Tuesday states are below, comprising 1,834 total delegates, or 40.5% of the total delegates.

495 California 

270 New York

262 Texas

248 Florida

124 Virginia

122 N. Carolina

114 Massachusetts 

73   Tennessee

61   Alabama

42   Oklahoma

23   Vermont

The top four comprise 28.1% of all delegates.  California and New York reliably go Democratic in Presidential elections, Florida is a reliably conflicted state, and Texas is Republican.

The February states are, with delegates and dates:

63 S. Carolina, Feb. 29

49 Iowa caucuses Feb. 3

48 Nevada caucuses, Feb. 22

33 New Hampshire, Feb. 11

The total of February states’ delegates is 193, which is 4.26% of the total primary delegates.  The Iowa caucuses are 1.1% of the total.  The ratio of the February states’ delegates to Super Tuesday delegates is 10.5%.

The delegate data are from:

California, with 495 delegates, at 10.9% of the total, has finally moved to Super Tuesday, instead of Irrelevant June.  We would love to see the candidates here.

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UC Irvine “Fire and Ice” Climate Conference Websites

Fire and Ice Conference Websites

Instead of failing to cover the Fire & Ice conference in any detail, I thought that I would just give the interesting websites mentioned during the conference, and some for the speakers.

The Keynote speaker was Bill McKibben, founder of, to return the CO2 level to 350 ppm from the present 410 ppm.  His own website is at Is the schedule for the talks of the “Fire & Ice:  The Shifting Narrative of Climate Change” two day conference at UC Irvine.

The Luncheon Speaker was the writer Elizabeth Kolbert of the New Yorker, and author of the influential book “The Sixth Extinction”.  Her website is at

She described the 2000-watt society, which envisioned allotting 2,000 watts a day equally to everyone on the planet.  It is discussed in the following Wikipedia article:  

A third key speaker was Nathanial Rich of the New York Times Magazine, and author of “Losing Earth:  The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change”.  The historical article includes Gordon MacDonald of UCLA Geophysics, who I actually worked for for a year as an undergraduate, programming waves in the atmosphere, and radiative transport in the sun. Has both links to a water-conflict history, and a water-conflict map. is the home page advertising The World’s Water reports by Peter Gleick and others.

The UCLA Sustainable Los Angeles Grand Challenge is at:       Is an energy and environment daily newsletter that you can sign up for.  It has articles by Universities around the country. Is the location of H.R.763 the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019. Starts the pages of the Under2 Coalition’s Policy Action work for climate policy development.  Is the site of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby has its plan to reduce carbon emissions at least 40% in the first 12 years, and 80% by 2050.  They propose a $20 per ton tax on carbon to start, and have that distributed equally in a refund.  Their bill is H.R.763 linked to above.  $20 per ton works out to $0.20 per gallon of gasoline. Is the CARB or California Air Resources Board, with links to all of the regulations.

If you made it this far, I thought that I would add the House of Representatives Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition at 

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The California Coast is Well Represented in the House Climate Crisis Committee

The California Coast is Well Represented in the House Climate Crisis Committee

The House has announced the House Select Committee on the Climate Crises.  We applaud the name of “Climate Crises” in this age of Trump.  Of the majority seven Democrats appointed to this committee, three are from California, and they are from coastal districts.  

We start with Representative Jared Huffman of CA 2, which runs all the way from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border, and covers six counties.  He was first elected to the House in 2012.  Previously, from 2006-2012, he was the CA assemblyman from the 6th district.  He chaired the Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee, and chaired the Assembly Environmental Caucus.  He was a senior attorney for the National Resources Defense Council.  He had also been the Director of the Marin Municipal Water District.

Rep. Huffman is on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.  He is on the Natural Resources Committee, and on its Subcommittees on Energy and Mineral Resources, Water and Power, and Public Lands and Environmental Regulation.

Next is Rep. Julia Brownley of CA 26, which covers most of Ventura County.  On the coast it runs from Point Mugu through Port Hueneme to Ventura, covering 43 coastline miles.  She has been on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the House Veterans’ Affairs Health Subcommittee. 

Rep. Brownley introduced a bill to eliminate tax subsidies for Big Oil.  She also has the Student Loan Repayment Assistance Act that incentivizes employers to offer assistance to repay the loans.

She is on many health caucuses, but also the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus, the Safe Climate Caucus, the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition, and the House Science and National Laboratories Caucus.

Finally is Rep. Mike Levin, of CA 49th, who won the district of retired Republican Darrell Issa, that stretches from Dana Point to Del Mar, or over 50 miles of coastline.  He has endorsed the Green New Deal.  He has been an attorney on clean energy and environmental issues.

He is a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, which has held the first congressional meeting on the climate in ten years.  He is Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Environment, Public Lands, and Water Task Force.  He is also in the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition.  

He has sponsored legislation to ban future offshore oil and gas drilling leases.  He jointly sponsored the Raise the Wage Act of 2019.  He backs electrifying the transportation infrastructure.  

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Trump’s Vision and Executive Times

Trump’s Vision and Executive Times

No, I am not talking about Trump’s vision for the American people (mostly lies), nor Trump’s vision of what can be accomplished to attach to his Presidential record (like for astronauts), nor his vision of how he is the greatest President (usually false).  

Nor am I talking about Trump’s affliction of “visions” of how another million turned out for his inauguration, nor how 3-5 million illegals voted against him, nor how people stood on a rooftop in New Jersey and cheered 9/11, nor his latest of how El Paso was crime ridden before a wall was built there.  

I’m talking about Trump’s eyesight. 

Nor am I talking about Trump security visions of having over 100 security uncleared people working in his White House, while demanding a Wall be built 2,000 miles away for national security.  Nor stopping Muslim visitors from seven countries.  Nor being unable to conduct “Extreme Vetting” for his cabinet, judges, and on down nominations.  Nor am I talking about the 30 White House members who were granted unqualified security clearances.  While Trump was talking in his State of the Union Speech of mocking people living in gated communities, he forgot to mention that he was the most protected person in the United States.

While I have once seen Trump pull out reading glasses, he has never been seen doing that again, anywhere, in any circumstances.  In one court case, testifying under oath, Trump said he couldn’t read the documents in front of him, since he didn’t bring his glasses.  Trump can apparently see okay far away, since he reads TelePrompTers.  However, we have no reports of how large the print is on Trump’s teleprompter, as people behind him could have noticed.

Trump’s narcissism, with the proud jutting jaw, does not allow himself to ever appear as having any health problems, having written his first doctor’s report, and having his naval doctor say that he could live 200 years.  His first doctor said that Trump, at 70, was the healthiest man to ever take the Presidency.  This while replacing the basketball playing President Obama?  President Obama who is thin, and eating well, but smoking.  

Update:  Unbelievably, at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, Trump had another misread:  “Since the founding of our nation, many of our greatest strides — from gaining our independence to abolition of CIVIL RIGHTS to extending the vote for women — have been led by people of faith”.  He knew something was wrong, maybe by audience reaction, but didn’t go back to correct it.  Had the TelePrompTer gotten ahead of him?  Had the line been mistyped for the TelePrompTer?  You would think that the President would bring his own familiar TelePrompTer along with his own operator.  Any President with vision would have been able to bring his short speech out of his pocket and read it, and unabashedly correcting any misread.  He thus shorted out the great accomplishment of the Republican Party by the great President Abraham Lincoln of abolishing SLAVERY.

Everybody knows that eyesight can depart from 20/20 by mid thirties.  Then at older age, one can get cataracts.  In Trump’s short medical reports, we never hear about his eyesight.  If he had cataracts fixed, he could have gotten simple lenses to restore his distance sight.   Or, one lens for distance and one for near sight.  Or lenses with multiple focuses (my choice).  Still, those aren’t always perfect.  We don’t know.

Occasionally, Trump misreads words.  With his narcissism, he pretends that he didn’t misread, but meant to say the misread and adds also the correct word that he knows.  Anybody else, would just replace the misread with the correct word.

Trump’s misspelled words on tweeting may also be from not having his reading glasses on (covfefe anyone?).  It’s possible that Apple’s normal spellchecking is shut off on Trump’s iPhone by a top secret security firewall.

While people claim that Trump doesn’t read, it could just be that he can’t read in public, since he refuses to show that he is in any way a common man needing glasses, and not a Demi-god.  The great leaders of the past, starting with the Pharaohs were gods, and this goes through the Royalty ruling by Divine Right.  Not to mention the father of Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Il.

Hence, during Trump’s daily hours of private Executive Time, he might put on his reading glasses and read or skim many of the reports presented to him.  As well as watching TV, and Fox News, of course.  So maybe we should applaud his Executive Times as beneficial to the country, and stop prying into them.  Trump would never admit that these were his reading times, as that would give away the secret that he needed glasses.

I was debating whether to write this, but having turned on the TV and seeing that Trump was getting his medical checkup today, this became the Cours du Jour.

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A Wall, A Wall! My Government for a Wall!

A Wall, A Wall! My Government for a Wall!

In Richard the Third, by William Shakespeare, King Richard, in a battle with soon-to-be Henry the VII, appeals for a new horse to pursue the battle.  Here is the familiar dialogue:

King Richard: 

A horse, a horse!  My kingdom for a horse!


Withdraw, my lord; I’ll help you to a horse.

King Richard:

Slave!  I have set my life upon a cast;

And I will stand the hazard of the die.

So, to update this often parodied quotation, we have President Trump furloughing an eighth of his government and forcing another eighth to work a month without being paid on time, offering up his desired reputation of an effective governor, and affecting his whole kingdom.  This, over a partial Wall costing $5.7 billion, out of a total discretionary budget of $1.31 trillion, and an overall budget in 2015 of $3.8 trillion.  That is a shutdown over 0.44% or 1/230th of the discretionary budget, or 0.29% of his $2 trillion tax cut for the wealthy.

So I guess the parody could have been scaled to Trump’s $3 billion wealth:  all of my wealth for a mere $13 million, or 1/10 the cost of my Inauguration.  How long would Trump have withstood a renter delaying such a payment, before he took him to court?

Even after the restart, Trump is continuing to follow the dialogue.  While the congress is working on a negotiated resolution, Trump has “set my life upon a cast” in dice, to shut down the government again in a week, on Feb. 15.  This is typical for a casino owner, knowing that the odds are always in his favor, but in this case, not the peoples’ House.  The “hazard of the die” cast, is not going to be in his favor if he shuts down the government again.

Note the way that Trump, er, I mean King Richard, denigrated his helper.

Let’s recall Trump’s business background.  When he ran for President I recall that he had 540 businesses that were using his name, over half of which he had no investment in, other than allowing his name to be used, usually in a large, gold-lettered “Trump” sign.

When asked what his net worth was, Trump replied that it varied, depending on how much he felt his name was worth when he got up in the morning.

How did we not see that Trump would gamble his whole government to get his name on some government structure, especially, one stretching a thousand miles, and three stories high, where he could put his sign on every visible mile?

In this case, Trump can’t put his name in gold letters on the wall, since it would be climbed in minutes, and taken down to be sold as a symbol of bad governing. 

Trump now wants to go down in history as the eradicator of AIDS, despite shutting down or stealing from every government AIDS program, so far.

Trump will also want a library, which won’t contain any books, but will have his comic book daily briefings.

Hopefully, in two years, Trump will fail to one of the army of a hundred Democratic challengers, or to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a true American hero.

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Slides from the NOAA/NASA Annual Global Analysis for 2018

Slides from the NOAA/NASA Annual Global Analysis for 2018

The NASA author is Gavin A. Schmidt, and the NOAA author is Derek Arendt.

I have put photos of the graphs from the above analysis on a Flickr album NOAA/NASA Annual Global Analysis For 2018 so that they can easily be placed into talks.  I have also added six photos from the NOAA State of the Climate 2018.

Here are some warming data from the NOAA Global Climate Report 2018.

For the global sea level temperature, 2018 is the fourth warmest year of the 139 year record from 1880-2018.  2016 was the highest, 2015 second, and 2013 third.  9 of the 10 warmest years occurred since 2005.  11 of the 12 months in 2018 were among the 5 warmest.  The 2018 average temperature was 1.42ºF or 0.79ºC above the 20th century average.  The notorious 1998 upward fluctuation due to an El Niño, is now only the 9th warmest year.

Since 1981, the temperature increase per decade is 0.31ºF or 0.17ºC.  Since pre-industrial 1880-1900, 2018 is an increase of 1.75ºF or 0.97ºC above that average.

The world land, 29% of the world’s surface, was up 2.02ºF or 1.12º C from the 20th century average.  The highest land temperature was in 2016 where it was up 2.16ºF or 1.45ºC over the 20th century average. 

The contiguous US is 1.51ºF or 0.84ºC above the 20th century average, about a tenth of a degree F above the 1.42ºF or 0.79ºC above the global average.  This 2018 over the US is the 14th warmest year of the 124 year record.

For Alaska, the is the 2nd warmest year, at 4.4ºF or 2.4ºC above the 20th century average.  The warmest year was 2016 where Alaska was 5.9ºF or 3.3ºC hotter than the 20th century average.

For North America, 2018 was the 18th warmest, by 1.31ºF or 0.73ºC.  Since 1981, the rate of increase per decade is 0.52ºF or 0.29ºC.   

One of the slides shows the 14 US disasters that exceeded a billion dollars in 2018.  There were $91 billion in direct losses in these disasters.   This is the fourth largest total on record.  Hurricane Michael cost $25 billion, hurricane Florence cost $24 billion, as well as western wildfires which also cost $24 billion.  In 2017, just four hurricanes alone cost $336 billion:  Harvey at $125 billion; Maria at $90 billion; Sandy at $71 billion; and Irma at $50 billion.

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The Trump Escape Room Game

The Trump Escape Room Game

Elected by email hacks, Putin influence campaign, Comey dissing Hillary, twice, British interference in Cambridge Analytica, buying out affair stories.

With the Mueller Report approaching, the Escape Room is heating up.

Trump discovers that the person with the thermostat key has been furloughed in the shutdown.

Trump also thinks that the walls at the White House are closing in on him.  It’s just that all of the paintings of our great Presidents seem to be looking down on him in disdain.

To Trump, the Oval Office is looking more like a square.  It’s because of the staff from thirty years ago that Trump has hired for his advisors.

Clues to Escape:  Trump discovers that he has fired or condemned everybody who had a clue.

Well, here are some clues:  

100 campaign contacts between the Trump Campaign and Russians;

32 convictions of Trump officials.

Trump examines the Escape Paths:

Escape 1:  Pardon self.  Justice Kavanaugh and Supreme Court back this up.

Escape 2:  Resign, and get pardoned by President Pence.

Escape 3:  Attorney General William Barr or Acting, but unconfirmed, Matt Whitaker Quashes Mueller                                                    

Escape 4:  Fly to Moscow, ask Putin for Asylum.

Escape 5:  McConnell blocks impeachment bill.

Escape 6:  Senate votes against impeachment.

Escape 7:  Cry Witch Hunt, and let slip the dogs of Fox News.

Escape 8:  Take a tunnel under The Wall.  Work as an undocumented immigrant in Mexico.

         Exit Blockers:  House investigations, and:

  Mueller, Deutchesbank, Cohen, Stone, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Oleg, bin Salman, 30 security clearances granted by White House, Huawei, Tariff wars, Confining children, 100 Russian contacts, now 6 Putin secret meetings, Kim Jong Un failure, 8,000 lies in office, childish tweets, insulting and opposing women, The Wall fiasco, government shutdown, subservient to Putin, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Opiod inaction, Drug Price inaction, Medical plan inaction, Gun Control inaction, fear mongering, tax cuts for the wealthy, false claims on voters, false claims on refugees and asylum seekers, wild Rudy, LGBTQ animosity, Enquirer Pecker, breaking NATO, Climate Denial, ETC.

        Desired Exit:  No Impeachment, 2020 Win

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