Comparison of the Russian Military Budget with EU, NATO, and US Budgets

The data are from SIPRI (Stockholm) quoted in Wikipedia.  The 2013 Russian military budget was $91 billion.  The NATO countries total was $990 billion, a factor of 10 times larger.  The main parts of NATO are the US at $682 billion, and the EU at $274 billion.  China had the next largest budget at $166 billion.

The leading EU countries are the UK at $91 billion, France at $59 billion, Germany at $46 billion, and Italy at $34 billion.

The military budget of Ukraine is only $4.9 billion.

Russia has been increasing its military budget in absolute dollars, but has kept about the same ratio with its GDP.  This graph is from Forbes, with the data from the SIPRI.  Russia has almost tripled its military spending since 2000.


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