President Trump Bears Full Responsibility for Whatever Didn’t Happen in Sweden

President Donald J. Trump Bears Full Responsibility for Whatever Didn’t Happen in Sweden

If you think about the title, it really makes sense. I prefer the title for grave event concerning Sweden to be the “Trump Credibility Massacre”, since it massacred the last 20% of credibility that the President of Our United States had. This is one of the most sorrowful events in our history of the Presidency, almost as much as Nixon’s Watergate (“I am not a crook”) or Bill Clinton’s impeachable court statement, which the modesty of this blog will not allow me to repeat. It is so ironic, that the President who labels the honest press as “fake news”, would go down in history for inventing his own preposterous and really fake news.

As is always the case, the Trump child will never take the blame for anything, and cast it on his closest friend, Fox News. Oddly enough, that fits in with many of us who consider Fox News to be the most watched source of fake news. Clearly, Congressional Republicans should launch and infinitely long investigation of who in Fox News misled the President, who they knew was watching, into the Trump Credibility Massacre. The key questions are: Who did not know what?, and When did they not know it?

While a few might now be afraid to go to Sweden, if they only get news by watching Trump rallies, hopefully, all of the continuous coverage of this Massacre, will actually increase publicity and interest in Sweden. In response, Sweden could raise signs at important tourists spots, showing where the Massacre did not occur. They could also make the day of the Florida Trump Massacre rally a national holiday, to be celebrated by parades and cultural fairs and dances, celebrating the time when the Massacre did not happen. They could also make President Trump an honorary Swede, since he contributed greatly to their recognition, and since he used to tell everybody that he was Swedish, including in his notorious book, “The Art of the Deal”.

Another irony is that Trump had recently admonished the press for not reporting on terrorists events around the world, no matter how small they were. The irony is that the Press now had to fully and endlessly cover the Trump Credibility Massacre.

It is again ironic that this Massacre followed shortly after Kellyanne’s Bowling Green Massacre. Shouldn’t that credibility disaster have given a warning to the Trump administration that they had to increase the National Security to prevent another such disaster.

Finally, the real irony is that Trump’s Muslim ban was created using fear that any or all refugees were only coming to the United States to attack us, or our way of life, or our values. Sweden has been very generous in accepting refugees from the Middle East, and none of that has happened.

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