Trump’s Vengeance on Alaska Can Destroy His Goals

Trump’s Vengeance on Alaska Can Destroy His Goals

Trump’s “anger and revenge” lifelong mental compulsion was applied to Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, for her vote against debating the undefined new Senate ACHA. That passed anyway by VP Mike Pence’s tie breaker, so what is the big deal? The other specific bills were failed by nine Republicans rejecting them, so again, why pick on Murkowski? Trump’s revenge forced Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to threaten the State of Alaska, in so far unknown ways, or by energy development. Zinke also called and threatened Alaskan Senator Dan Sullivan.

This revenge can backfire in several ways to harm Trump’s goals and plans. First of all, Alaskans are independent and elected Ms. Murkowski, even though she was not backed by the Republican establishment. She was just elected and has six years to go. She also leads the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and delayed a vote to confirm Trump’s appointments.

Alaska not only does not have an income tax, but rebates to individual citizens its tax excess on oil. So any cuts in oil production directly hurt its citizens’ budgets, and direct anger toward the Trump administration. Murkowski was voting for Alaskan’s health care, not against it, as most people in the country now realize about the Republican health care decrease bills.

California is directly concerned by action against Alaskan oil, since 11.4% of our oil comes from Alaska. We will have to make up for any drops by increasing our oil from foreign sources, which is now at 54.5%. California provides 34.1% of its own oil. Forcing us to import more oil will drive Trump further from his energy independence and energy dominance goals.

The resultant increase in gas prices from the decrease in Alaskan production will also anger consumers. Secretary Zinke will already be in hot water for impinging on the natural environment of Alaska, which is a popular tourist destination. Since global heating is much higher near the North Pole and over land, Alaska will already be subject to major damage from Trump’s abandonment of clean energy goals.

Trump’s entire agenda and “winner” evaluation is at stake in the Senate. If both Alaskan Senators are forced to turn against Trump, Trump loses his two vote Senate majority, and ends up with a tie on many votes. If there is one more Republican defection, Trump loses. Even with a tie, VP Mike Pence will have to break the tie, and Trump doesn’t look like much of a “winner”, but a squeaker. This also forces Pence to accept responsibility for all such close bills.

It is silly to advise Trump to withhold his characteristic revenge, but those who carry it out will have to bear the burden. Trump has already publicly threatened Secretary Zinke in front of 40,000 Boy Scouts and a vast TV audience.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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