Trump’s Border Policy Would Have Harassed Baby Moses and Jesus

Trump’s Border Policy Would Have Harassed Baby Moses and Jesus

It is amazing that Trump’s policy of not accepting refugees and asylum seekers, and of separating their children, mirror the plights of the baby Jesus and baby Moses. In the case of Moses, who would have been killed by the Pharaoh because of the increasing Hebrew slave population, he was put adrift to save him. Since he was rescued by the Pharaoh’s daughter, the analogy points to the wish that Trump’s family would soften him to rescue the separated children.  I hate to have to update this article, but Trump has now claimed that he is above the law, and can pardon himself, just like a Pharaoh.  Apparently this was unknown to the writers of the Constitution, who wrote up Article II, Section 4, describing the impeachment process.

In baby Jesus case, the Romans were killing babies because of the belief that a Messiah had been born. Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus and fled to Egypt, where they still hid from the Romans. I visited the Coptic church in Egypt built around their hiding place. You just can’t make these stories up, except they existed thousands of years ago, and are being replayed at the US border. Is this a sign? Yes, of an inhumane, un-American, and probably illegal and unconstitutional ad hoc dictatorial immigration policy.  No humor intended, these are events of biblical proportions.

While the current squabble is now over a comedienne and a four letter word, the issue has been successfully diverted from the Trump and Attorney General Jeff Session’s ad hoc policy of prosecuting refugees and asylum seekers. Why are children being separated, and how can you lose 1,500 of them? Also, how can you reverse an immigration policy allowing for asylum? It also reminds one of the prejudice used in turning away Jewish refugees from Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Update:  June 5, The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights condemned the new US policy, saying that children should never be detained for reasons related to their own or their parents’  migration status.  The Congress has not approved any such action.

The other main issues are freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Trump must have a slew of trolls monitoring every US press, TV news, and TV political comedians to find a single poorly chosen word or phrase, or a single mixed up fact. Besides demanding an apology, which he gets, he demands an end to the reporter’s or political commentator’s CAREERS. The Supreme Court often rules that these are prior restraints on speech, and unconstitutional. Trump is maximally hypocritical here, as he has the record of any President for accumulated lies and name calling. There are only seven political comedians that I can think of on TV, and Trump would love to rapidly fire or restrain them. They are too valuable to our Democracy to lose. Trump’s career ending demands echo Putin’s practice of jailing or killing reporters and critics.

I don’t really think it is the responsibility of anybody in Trump’s family to regulate the Donald. It may be that they are the least able to do it. Plus, they have also been indoctrinated by having Fox News on all day long. Also, Trump has put them in a public status by making them principals in the White House and in his campaign. Instead, there are hundreds of highly paid professionals and lawyers in the White House, Department of Justice, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security, who are required by law to correctly follow the Constitution and the laws passed by the US Congress. It is their responsibility. It is also the responsibility of the President and the Attorney General to follow their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution.

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