Are Trump’s Failures to Register as Multiple Foreign Agents High Crimes?

Are Trump’s Failures to Register as Multiple Foreign Agents High Crimes?

Is believing foreign dictators over all US intelligence agencies, and misinforming the government and the American people, acting as an agent for these foreign governments?  

I think the answer is definitely yes, since both Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and National Security Advisor General Flynn have been prosecuted for this.  So it is pretty evident now that Trump believed foreign dictators over US intelligence, and tried to influence the government and the American people with the foreign viewpoints.

I don’t have to pick out all such instances, but a few stick out as Trump’s sore “thumbs up” signals.

For Russian President Vladimir Putin, this starts with dropping Russian sanctions from the Republican platform.  Then secretly negotiating for a Trump Moscow tower, up to the election.  Then 101 Campaign contacts with Russians, including Wikileaks, meant to influence the election. Then taking Putin’s word that he did not hack the DNC, DNCC, and John Podesta, and publish those emails.  Then Putin or some other Russian telling Trump that Crimeans and Eastern Ukrainians prefer to be with Russia.  Trump also said this about Estonia.

Then, North Korea’s Kim Jung Un.  Then, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and future King for life, Mohammed bin Salman, on the Khashoggi murder.  Then Turkey’s dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  Trump has not spoken about sanctions to Egypt’s new dictator until possibly 2034, nor his election by 97% of the vote, President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, nor on his purges of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Nor sanctions when China’s President Xi Jinping was declared President for Life.

So, Trump could be an unregistered foreign agent to seven dictators, but who is counting.  In the old days, like for Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, even one country was enough for charges of being an unregistered foreign agent to be filed.

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