The Global Health Security Index for the Most Afflicted Countries and Africa

In an earlier article we covered the Global Health Security Index for the ten largest countries in population, which included China, India, and the United States.  This Index rates countries in their ability to protect from pandemics, and came out in October of 2019.  We also then added countries of interest.  Here, we add a table with the Index scores on the twelve countries with the most current Coronavirus cases.  We then also add the WHO list of seven African countries that they expected to have the most problems.  Finally, we have a list of 10 African countries at the bottom of the Index ratings.

The Twelve Countries with the Most Coronavirus Cases and their Index Scores

China 78,766 48.2
South Korea 556 70.2
Japan 135 59.8
Singapore 85 58.7
Italy 79 56.2
Hong Kong 69
Thailand 35 73.2
US 35 83.5
Iran 28 37.7
Taiwan 26 —-
Australia 22 75.5
Malaysia 22 62.2

The lack of rankings and scores for Hong Kong and Taiwan is above my diplomatic pay grade.  The United States has the highest score of 83.5 out of a 100.

World Health Organization list of African Nations of Most Concern and their Index Scores

Angola 25.2
Ethiopia 40.6
Ghana 35.5
Kenya 47.1
Nigeria 37.8
South Sudan 21.7
Sudan 26.2
Tanzania 36.4


Some of the Lowest Ranked and Scored African Nations

Ranking Country Score
139 Swaziland 31.1
144 Lesotho 30.2
153 Mozambique 28.1
159 Central African Republic 27.3
161 Congo (Democratic Republic) 26.5
168 Libya 25.7
170 Angola 25.2
173 Algeria 23.6
173 Congo 23.6
194 Somalia 16.6


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