March 19. High US and New York Growth, California on Stay-at-Home

March 19.  High US and New York Growth, California on Stay-at-Home

Governor Newsom was using a model where 56% of Californians would catch the Coronavirus without the action.  Once Los Angeles joined the Bay Area, there would have been 20 million in stay-at-home, or half of the state.  Of course, essential workers could continue to work under Newsom’s order, and that would be over half of the workers in the state.

Did anybody notice that the first half hour of Trump’s news conference was just free electioneering self praise.  If it such a serious and expensive challenge, can’t he leave off the electioneering?  I can see Trump getting reelected by eight months of daily praising himself as the only person who could save us from catastrophe, which is already happening.  At the end of the news conference, VP Pence gave his usual Obsequion praise as well.  Meanwhile, The NY Times revealed that last year, there was an evaluation that showed how unprepared we were for any such emergency.  Trump also continued with his “Chinese Virus” cat call, although he is the ONLY leader in the world using this phrase.

World cases are at 244,517, or almost a quarter of a million.  World deaths have exceeded 10,000, at 10,030.  Italy has now passed half of the cases that China had.

As Dr. Birx predicted with the larger number of tests, the number infected in the US would soar.  We now use a table below.

Domain Cases Percent Increase
United States 14,250 51.4%
NY 5,711 85.2%
WA 1,376 15.9%
CA 1,030 18.4%
FL 432 30.9%
NJ 742 73.8%
IL 334 15.2%
LA 392 40.0%
Canada 872 19.9%
Mexico 93 26.9%
Brazil 621
Los Angeles County 231 21.6%
Orange County, CA 53 26.2%

The US increased by more than half, and New York almost doubled.  New Jersey also has a whopping increase, and jumped past Florida.  Washington had a small increase for the second day in a row.  California and Illinois also had small increases.  Let’s hope that this is a sign.

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