Was Comey Really Fired Because He Didn’t Indict Clinton?

Was Comey Really Fired Because He Didn’t Indict Clinton?


Will Trump, with an obedient FBI, Justice, and Supreme Court, try to “lock her up”, on Hillary Clinton?


If you carefully read Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s letter, it is ambiguous in its condemnation of FBI director James Comey. It criticizes Comey for essentially making his own verdict on Clinton’s non-prosecution over her personal email server. It also criticizes him for publicly castigating Hillary Clinton for having her own personal server, despite the fact that any member of Congress can have their own server. The news and commenters think the reason that Comey got fired was the second action.


But Trump has several times criticized Comey for not prosecuting Clinton. In most other things, we have now learned that Trump has not turned, bent, twisted, weakened, wizened, or forgotten his campaign’s cheering mottos, such as “lock her up” for Hillary Clinton. We know from those who know Trump, that he keeps Grudges for a lifetime. If Rod Rosenstein, Attorney Genera Jeff Sessions, and Trump had not wanted Clinton prosecuted, their letters or tweets would not have very carefully left this possibility open.


On a more lofty note, Trump is all about branding.  On the TV clip being showed where Trump thanks Comey in the Oval Office among Republicans, Comey, at 6 foot 8, towers over Trump at 6 foot 2.   Comey makes Trump look like Danny DeVito.


On the issue of the Russian connection investigation, remember that in Watergate, Nixon was going to be impeached based on the “coverup”, not the initial break-in.


A short time will tell.


Just to bring this up to date:  Comey had just asked the Deputy Attorney General for more money to enlarge the Trump investigation.  It was reported that Comey was fired because he would not drop the Russian investigation.   It was reported that Trump was white hot angry over the investigation.

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