Is Donald Trump Guilty of Kidnapping 2,300 Children?

Is Donald Trump Guilty of Kidnapping 2,300 Children?

If you or I took a child from their parent, without any court due process of adoption or foster care, we would be guilty of kidnapping. In fact, everyone who aided or abetted this would also be guilty of a crime. If we took them to a secret location and locked them up, we would be compounding our crimes. If we kept no record of their identity or that of their parent, we would be risking that they could never be returned to their rightful parent.

Trump, Attorney General Sessions, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar have all been directors in these kidnappings or in transporting, or in housing the victims in secret facilities. The children were also prevented from contacting their parents, and the parents from contacting their children. For one, apparently no records of identities were being kept.

Since many of these children were taken across state lines, the FBI should be called in to find and take possession of these children, and restore them to their parents, or at least into contact with their parents, if they were still confined for only committing a misdemeanor crime.

When I got up this morning with this outlook, I was sorely tempted to call the FBI and report that I knew who were the heads of the kidnapping ring that kidnapped 2,300 children in the last two months. I think now that they probably already knew also.

The grounds for impeachment are high crimes and misdemeanors. I think one kidnapping would be a sufficiently high crime, but 2,300? Jeff Sessions would have to recuse himself as being one of the perpetrators. Therefore we would need another special counsel to investigate and report on this to the Congress and the Justice Department. All of the accused gang heads also lied about this many times to the entire American public, as recorded on television.

Trump may try to pin this on Jeff Sessions, to get rid of him, and install s loyalist who will end the Special Counsel’s investigation on Russian election influence, just as Russia gears up for the midterm election.

Fortunately, 500 of the kids have now been reunited with their parents, and the Administration now claims they have accounted for all of the kids. There still are blood tests, DNA, and dental records to identify children with parents.

By the way, were charges filed against the children?  If not, why are they prevented from talking to the press, Congressmen, or their parents?   If you read the short First Amendment, there is no age restriction on the freedom of speech.  There is also not restriction on who the press can talk to.  So the kids are really held in prisons, without any apparent Due Process.

If Trump wanted to effectively help countries where people need to flee gangs, he should provide appropriate foreign aid to those countries. Instead, in his budget, he proposed cuts of around 37% to Central and South America. The congress funded this aid at the same rates of last year.

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