June 30 Report on Campaign Finances for the CA 48th District Race

June 30 Report on Campaign Finances for the CA 48th District Race

We will present the funds raised, spent, and on hand for the three main candidates in the primary of the CA 48th district, as filed on June 30, 2018.  We also add the donation sources and amounts for the incumbent Dana Rohrabacher.  The others have not yet been presented.  The data are all from opensecrets.org, of the Center for Responsible Politics.  We will try to show the relative size of amounts by throwing out insignificant figures, and rpresent results in millions of dollars!  When the figures don’t add up, it is because of a loan.  We don’t round up to amounts that weren’t actually raised, we just truncate.  Cash is cash on hand.

Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher:  raised 1.74; spent 1.50; cash 0.48, debt 0.30.

Democratic winner Harley Rouda:                  raised 2.68; spent 2.20; cash 0.48.

Democratic runner-up Hans Keirstead:          raised 2.15; spent 1.90; cash 0.24; debts 0.93.

Republican runner-up Scott Baugh:              Raised 0.44; spent 0.99; cash 0.00; debts 0.01.

Rohrabacher raised 79% from large individual contributions, 10% from other, 8% from PAC contributions, 2% from contributions less than $200, and no self-financing.

Top individual or company contributions are limited to $10,800.

Contributions from top industries for Rohrabacher follow: (in millions of dollars)

Real Estate 0.22

Retired 0.11

Securities and Investment 0.043

Lawyers/Law Firms 0.039

Leadership PACS 0.031


raised in millions of dollars:

Self Financing 45% or $1.21

Large Individual Contributions 36% or $0.97

Small Individual Contributions 12.6% or $0.34

PAC Contributions 5.6% or $0.15.


raised in millions of dollars:

Self Financing 50% or $1.08

Individual Contributions 45% or $0.98

PAC Contributions 1% or $0.025

Other 3.2% or $0.069.


Raised $0.63 million or 141% from Individual Contributions.

Other was minus $0.20 or minus 46%.

I know that most of these do not add up, but remember, these are politicians.





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