June 30 Report on Campaign Finances for the CA 45th District Race

June 30 Report on Campaign Finances for the CA 45th District Race

We will present the funds raised, spent, and on hand for the two main candidates in the primary of the CA 45th district, as filed on June 39, 2018.  We also add the donation sources for the incumbent Mimi Walters.  The data are from opensecrets.org, of the Center for Responsible Politics.  The figures are in millions of dollars.  We don’t round up, we just truncate, except in percentages of raised amounts.  Cash is cash on hand.

Republican incumbent Mimi Walters:  raised 2.92, spent 1.7, cash 1.52, no debt, but doesn’t add up.

Democratic challenger Katie Porter:  raised 2.06, spent 1.28, cash 0.78.

Democratic runner-up David Min:  raised 1.12, spent 1.11, cash 0.01.


Mimi Walters raised 41.9% from PAC contributions, 36.5% from Others, 16.5% from Large Individual Contributions, and 5.1% from Small Individual Contributions less than $200.

Leading Industry donors for Walters are (in millions of dollars):

Real Estate 0.19;

Securities and Investment 0.17;

Pharmaceuticals/Health Products (mostly PAC) 0.14;

Retired 0.12; and

Leadership PACs 0.12.

Katie Porter 

Large Individual Contributions 60% or $1.24 million;

Small Individual Contributions 30% or $0.62 million;

PAC Contributions 7.5% or $0.15 million;

Other 2.2% or $0.05 million.

David Min

Individual Contributions 105% or $1.17 million;

Other minus 10.6% or minus $0.12 million;

PAC Contributions 5.0% or $0.06 million.


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